Federal Continuity Plan Paper

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The 20th Air Support Operations Squadron (ASOS) does not have an official federal continuity plan in place. The federal continuity plan template incorporates four separate phases. Phase One: Readiness and Preparedness, Phase Two: Activation, Phase Three: Continuity Operations, Phase Four: Reconstitution Operations (FEMA 2013, p iii). Although the plan is optional, the framework of the Federal Plan Template goes in depth on how to accomplish all four phases.
In the Federal Template, the Basic Plan provides an overview of the organization’s approach to the continuation of operations. The operational premise, or basic plan, behind the 20 ASOS is training, readiness, and equipping Joint Terminal Attack Controllers for missions around the world. Readiness is defined by the Federal Template as “the ability of an organization to respond to a continuity event” (FEMA 2013, p 7). This is designed to ensure that unit personnel can continue to perform essential functions in a
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This plan also encompasses the second phase, Activation. The unit reporting instruction on the recall roster is the only thing the unit has to suffice for this phase. For our overall unit mission, the instruction on the roster is sufficient. If our mission fell more into a garrison format, like most others do, it would be required to have a more in depth activation process.
Continuity operations “identifies initial arrival procedures as well as operational procedures for the continuation of Essential functions” (FEMA 2013, p 13). Again, with our operational requirement, continuity operations would require the unit to continue to be able to train, equip, and deploy controllers as needed. In case of a major hazard, the unit does not possess a secondary location for reporting and continuation

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