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  • Importance Of Vernacular Architecture

    Vernacular: A brief in a system of inherited, established or customary patterns of thoughts, forms, and styles. Usually expressed in use of local materials and handed-down building technologies. Critical Regionalism: A particular approach to the making of buildings based on the belief that buildings should respond to and reflect specific local conditions – this can be seen as developing and understanding of a regions ‘deep structure’. However, Vernacular Design Attitudes Critical Regional…

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  • Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

    Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest, largest, and broadest engineering disciplines. Mechanical engineers use the principles of mechanics, materials, and energy to design and manufacture machines and devices of all types. The key characteristics of the profession are its flexibility, breadth, and individuality-a decided advantage in a changing world. Passion towards mechanics began early in my childhood when I started learning basic science in school. My interest toward machines hiked as…

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  • Carillion Construction Ltd V. Woods Bagot Europe Ltd & Ors

    these delays. The liability aspect of the dispute presented in this report are reviewed and discussed, highlighting the importance understanding the implications of any delays in civil engineering projects. The construction of the High Court Rolls Building in London experienced a delay due to a dispute between the main organisations involved in the project. The parties involved were Carillion Construction Ltd (Carillion),…

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  • Air Barrier Research Paper

    designed to keep a building healthy and strong by preventing moisture infiltration, neutralizing differences in air pressure and preventing heat exchange. Each performs a different function although some materials serve as both an air barrier and a vapour retarder. The Difference Between Air Barriers and Vapour Retarders Architects, engineers and others involved in building science research and construction examine the way that both air and vapour barriers protect the building shell. The…

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  • Building Height Regulation: In-Design/Unrealized Mass Wood Construction

    personally, adore the idea of skyscrapers made out of wood, the sensation of warmth you get when you walk into a wooden building, or all the benefits this planet would have if we would start constructing using wood more often, I cannot ignore the fact that there are many questions to be answered regarding the subject. Questions like, how high can we build or how is the building going to be protected against fire-considering that the main material is wood after all-, would be the ones I have been…

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  • Essay On Metal Roofing

    What Is Slate Shingle Metal Roofing And Why Is It Better Than Slate Stone Tiles? Slate shingle metal roofing is a roofing material made from metal and stamped to mimic the appearance of natural slate stone. A slate stone roof adds a touch of luxury to your home, but there are a few reasons why the metal version is superior. If you love the look of slate, you may want to look into slate shingle metal roofing. Here are a few reasons why. Metal Slate Tiles Are Much Lighter Than Stone One reason…

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  • Case Study: Paconius And The Pedestal For Apollo

    Valeria Avila Guerrero October 30, 2017 Mech 194 Dr. Hight Error in Conceptual Design Case Study: Paconius and the Pedestal for Apollo This case study is based in the ancient world during the time of the temple of Apollo, where large stone pedestals were transported for construction and structural purposes. According to Henry Petroski in Design Paradigms, Case Histories of Error and Judgment in Engineering, these stones were large and heavy which presented a challenge when transporting over…

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  • Climate In Arwad Island And Outdoor Weather And Skilled Environment

    The investigation was carried out in these two buildings because of these criteria: These two buildings are the most significant archaeological buildings on the island that still in use until now, they were defensive buildings in the period of construction, then they reused through the following successive historical periods and down to be used as a museum today. Both of them are available and easily accessible to them more than residence buildings, because of the privacy of the…

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  • Construction Economy Essay

    of activities associated with the erection and repair of immobile structures and facilities is also refer to construction (Nam & Tatum, 1988). The construction industry is the sector of an economy that constructs, alters, repairs and demolishes buildings, civil engineering works, and other similar structures. The national economy is the economy of a whole country. Usually, the national economy will be influenced by the gross domestic products, which the gross domestic product is the things that…

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  • Pragmatic Approach To Architectural Design

    Is there a certain approach that is considered the right way to approach architectural design? There are many architectural theories that an architect can draw upon that helped them to achieve different types of results in their design, such as constructivism, de-constructivism, critical regionalism and many more. There are a number of architectural projects that are based on the concept of pragmatism. The key element in a pragmatic approach to architecture is function; the pragmatist…

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