Smokey Robinson

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  • Song Analysis: Smokey Robinson

    “Smokey” Robinson. After being turned away by Jackie Wilson’s manager, a dejected Smokey Robinson was heading back to his car and Berry Gordy stopped him and told him he liked the songs they were auditioning (Gordy 90-92, Posner23-25). After more conversation Berry discovered that Smokey had written over 100 songs and Berry ask to look and critique them, leading to a lifelong business and friendship between the two. This meeting would actually lead to the development of Motown Records, with Smokey Robinson becoming an integral part of the story. After receiving a mere $3.19 royalty check from his songwriting, Berry is told by Smokey Robinson that if that’s all you are making you might as well start your own company (Hirshey 133). The light…

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  • Berry Gordy Biography

    lead to the development of Motown artists. In my opinion, it is almost like during this time period female artists were trying to gain the respect they deserved. Many women repeatedly stated that they wanted to look like Diana Ross. This was very important to the racial tension during this time period. White people wanted nothing to do with black people creating this strain between races. With the comments women made about their feelings toward Diana, this shows the cultural boundaries Motown…

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  • Motown Music Research Paper

    How do you define a generation? Relate to a whole ethnicity? Or make everyone come together as one? The answer is with music. In 1959 a man named Berry Gordy made a small business in Detroit Michigan with a small loan from his family to start something amazing. This amazing thing was a recording studio by the name of motown records. Berry Gordy was the son of a Plantation owner and his female slave. They relocated to detroit because his father found a better job working for the automotive…

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  • History Of Motown Records

    Motown Records was created by Berry Gordy on January 12, 1959. Motown made its impact on the music industry forever. Artists that we know as legends today such as Stevie Wonder, the Temptations, Marvin Gaye, and The Jackson 5 started in Motown. Together their music brought a community together. Motown started with just a man and 800 dollars loaned from his family. Berry Gordy was a dreamer, and also a teacher, producer, and entrepreneur.Gordy as an African American owner wanted to make a…

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  • Steve In The World Reflection

    For instance, there would be parts where it almost broke your heart but a little later it would have you feeling excited and happy. There was a lot of tension throughout the book as well. Like when Steve had had enough and was going to get himself out of the Robinson house right away. During that scene it kept you on edge, wondering if Willie Robinson was going to show up on the street anytime and drag Steve back into that nightmarish house. One part that stood out to me most was a simple…

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  • Rhetorical Techniques Used In Peter Peterson's Hot Pot Fire

    During the summer of 2016, I fought wildland fire for the Weiser Ranger District of the Payette National Forest in Idaho. I worked on a type four heavy engine, E-421. As a firefighter, I was able to witness climate change and increasing fire activity first hand on an off forest assignment to Midas, Nevada. It was there where my module was the first to respond to the Hot Pot Fire. In a little under 36 hours, the Hot Pot Fire spread 123,000 acres. It claimed an abandoned ranch and almost consumed…

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  • Forest Fire Management Policies

    them as fast as possible, and educating the public about why fire is bad for the environment. Although fire is not considered “bad” many foresters at this time did not know the benefits of fire and the its ecological role in changing the landscape for the better. People were more worried about the destruction of timber. After severe fire seasons in the 1930s the Civilian Conservation Corps was created. They declared that every fire must be put out at 10am the next morning after the initial…

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  • How To Stop Wildfires Essay

    Stop Wildfires Before They Start. Wildfires have different names, such as forest fires, bushfires, and unplanned fires, which occur across the globe. Wildfires are an uncontrolled fire in an area of combustible vegetation that occurs in the countryside area. Wildfires get pretty big in size and they can go at a very fast speed of fourteen miles per hour. Fire can change the speed and the direction at which it spreads out from its original source. It can be devastating because fire has the ability to…

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  • Forest Service Benefits

    The United States Forest Service was created at the turn of the twentieth century to help ensure the forest and lands of the US were taken care of. This was the first time leaders were chosen because of their knowledge of nature instead of some bureaucracy non sense. The Forest Service was staffed with university educated foresters chosen because of their expertise of the forest. Before the US Forest Service was formed politicians managed the land that belonged to the government and this was…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Loneliness

    out the love of his life – a girl called Alma, has already married to another man. Since that, he never fell in love again because he had promised he would not fall in love again. Nonetheless, being alone appropriated sometimes can bring us good things. For instance, some works, or logical thinking will be in best result while being alone. If we want to give full play in characteristic, concentration, and creative thinking, we should give us sometimes to be alone. However, alone is different…

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