Berry Gordy Biography

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During the year of 1959, Berry Gordy, who was an African American songwriter, founded “Motown Records”. With a loan of close to $800 which came from his family. Gordy managed to create the company that later came to be known as “Motown Records Corporation”. Berry gave this name “Because Detroit had long been known as the “Motor City”. (Motown Music). Instead of city Berry used town and then combined the words, creating the perfect name for his new record label, Motown. Motown and is soul-based subsidiaries were the most important and if not the most successful supporters of what was known as “The Motown Sound”. This was a type of soul music which had a distinct part of the pop influence in it. Although Motown was not the first record label …show more content…
1 hits worldwide. In 1968, Motown had five records in the pop Top 10” (Light). This brought racial divide around the world. When we celebrate black history month people leave out Berry Gordy Jr., but by producing the hit records for these African American artists, he pretty much did his part to not only help Martin Luther King Jr. on his struggle for civil rights but the civil rights movement right nationwide. Gordy Managed to use the African-American Artists music to put into the homes of millions of Americans a positive feeling around the house. Motown was composed of many, if not hundred of artist, primarily made up of African Americans. This means Berry had produced millions of songs throughout his time in Motown Records. Many artists including Stevie Wonder reported that they feel as if they didn’t make as much money as they thought they should have been making, This means the money had to be going somewhere and that place just happened to be Berry. So let’s say is Wonder was to sell 100 copies of his song for about a $1 a copy, he would only make $10 from the sales and the remaining $990 would go to

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