The Legacy Of Stax Records

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I saw a picture at the museum that caught my attention. The picture told the community to finish school. I thought that was very important because without a good education, you have no change to make it in the world. I am glad they took the time and made the decision to become color blind. We are all the same in gods’ eyes despite our many walks of like. It is so awesome to hear how these people, “with the key word being people” made wonderful music together in Stax and overlooked the color barrier. Stax Records is critical to the development of American music history. The legacy of Stax Records is unique, it developed more than half a century of records. While segregation was supported in the South during Stax’s formative years in the 1960s.Stax was one of the most successfully integrated companies in the country with diversity flowing all over the building starting from top management, administration and leading into their artists. It housed more than 200 employees and known to be the fifth-largest African American ran business in the United States during its time frame. I believe the opening of Stax records was a blessing in the time of economic hardship for African Americans who needed to care for their family’s. Stax was the most successful record label ever to come out of Memphis, Tennessee. It was one of the most popular soul music record labels of all time! It was second only to Motown in sales and influence, but first in down home jazz, soul and blues. The

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