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  • Stevie Wonder Accomplishments

    Stevie Wonder is one of the most critically- acclaimed musicians of today who expertly manages to keep the Motown spirit alive in today’s ever changing pop culture generation. His feats include using his obvious impairments to better his music and stage presence, his ability to master the piano, drums and harmonica at a young age, and the legacy he leaves behind that makes him one of the most prominent artists still known today. His music is a fusion of soul and R&B with pop accents and jazz influences. Having expert knowledge in primary musical instruments at a young age, allowed Wonder to be ahead of most musical artists earning him the titles of musician, singer-songwriter, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist, all qualities that are…

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  • Motown Music Research Paper

    records with a 800$ loan. He was encouraged to keep going because of his friend smokey robinson. By starting his recording studio he brought in only african americans to play. It started with a riff and everyone in the band built up upon it. This was the start of not only african americans gaining the mainstream audience but started a system of music making. This system introduced the idea of session players. This idea advanced music and gave future artist their very own platform to build…

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  • History Of Motown Records

    Motown Records was created by Berry Gordy on January 12, 1959. Motown made its impact on the music industry forever. Artists that we know as legends today such as Stevie Wonder, the Temptations, Marvin Gaye, and The Jackson 5 started in Motown. Together their music brought a community together. Motown started with just a man and 800 dollars loaned from his family. Berry Gordy was a dreamer, and also a teacher, producer, and entrepreneur.Gordy as an African American owner wanted to make a…

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  • Berry Gordy Biography

    When we celebrate black history month people leave out Berry Gordy Jr., but by producing the hit records for these African American artists, he pretty much did his part to not only help Martin Luther King Jr. on his struggle for civil rights but the civil rights movement right nationwide. Gordy Managed to use the African-American Artists music to put into the homes of millions of Americans a positive feeling around the house. Motown was composed of many, if not hundred of artist, primarily made…

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  • The Importance Of Superstition In The Middle Ages

    variety of things. This definition also makes it hard to differentiate what is superstition. According to PhD Stuart Vyse and the author of Believing in Magic: The Psychology of Superstition, not all rituals or beliefs are superstitions and that the dividing line is whether or not there is a magical beliefs behind them or not (Albert, 2015). In a famous Stevie Wonder song, Wonder says, “When you are a believer in things you don’t understand, then you suffer. Superstition ain’t the way (Wonder,…

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  • Channel Orange Frank Ocean Analysis

    gay man, Jesse will be able to connect with the lack of heteronormativity in Ocean 's work. Jesse having this type of connectivity with Ocean may not be needed to enjoy Channel Orange, but will definitely add to the level of appreciation he will have for the album. Love, especially unrequited love, is one of the key themes Ocean uses in his debut album that provides a sense of relatability with many listeners. In "Thinkin Bout You," Ocean reflects on a past lover who he still has lingering…

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  • Whitney Houston's Major Accomplishments

    According to Webster Dictionary, "entertainment is the act of amusing or entertaining people" (Marian-Webster Dictionary). As you may know Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston have passed away, but Sam Smith, Photography, and Kevin Hart are still alive and they are all well known. So as Americans, we may enjoy looking at photographs of famous people. Sam Smith is an entertainer who has been photographed a lot. Sam Smith has always been a natural singer, but he also had been inspired by the…

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  • Stevie Wonder Research Paper

    Stevie Wonder, one musician that sees the world through music, not eyes. Stevie went through many hard times with his disability. He overcame his disabilities by doing what he loves most. From Singing to Harmonica to Piano, Stevie showed how much he loved the vocal and instrumental arts. Stevie was blind his entire life. The young super star was born May 13,1950, in Saginaw, Michigan. By the age of 13 he began to sing to his hearts content. He attended Detroit, Public Schools. Growing up was…

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  • Song Analysis: Smokey Robinson

    many instances that used social commentary about political issues such as; war, poverty, and discrimination in earlier records produced at Motown (503-526). European tours that brought the music to a global audience and influenced musicians not only in Europe but around the world, and was a major impetus of the “British Invasion” led by groups like the Beatles and The Rolling Stones in the mid 1960’s. David E. Nantis enumerates facts about Motown stating, “Motown’s extraordinary accomplishments…

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  • Stevie Wonder: The Power Of Music

    mutually understood message in musical expression. For the Civil Rights Movement and Black Power Movement in the United States, music proved to be a powerful source of camaraderie and power amongst an otherwise frustrated and oppressed group of citizens. For the purposes of this paper, Stevie Wonder, a famous funk artist whose fame peaked in the 1970’s, will be the focus of an analysis of music’s power on a nation. Music has always been a large part of black pride and community within the…

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