How Did Berry Gordy Influence African American Music Entertainment

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African Americans in the Music Industry As the founder of Motown records, Berry Gordy created change in society and music through the sound of Motown. Berry Gordy opened up Motown records and at the time African Americans had very little opportunity in the music business. The Motown record label released many songs that supported the civil rights movement, and made African Americans proud of their heritage. He also collaborated with many of his signees to create new groundbreaking music. Though opening up Motown Records, Berry Gordy changed the way African Americans were represented in the music industry, helped move forward the civil rights movement, and helped create the funk and R&B genres that influence many artists today. Today we know Berry Gordy as the founder of motown, and the producer of many great songs we love today. Berry Gordy didn’t always want to be in the music business. Gordy was always interested in music, but did not seek a career in music. Berry Gordy started writing songs as early as the age of seven, but Gordy was not the best student which caused him to be removed from music class in highschool . After this, Berry Gordy dropped out of high school. He focused on a career in boxing, which he had always had an interest in. Gordy ended up being …show more content…
Many songs written by the record label’s signees promoted pride in being black. Appearances on T.V. by black artists gave the black community a stronger sense of identity. Motown helped develop and popularize music that both black and white people were proud to listen to. Many artists that are popular today cite many of Motown’s artists as major inspirations. Motown Records was one of the greatest things that happened to the world of music in the last

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