Song Analysis: Smokey Robinson

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“Smokey” Robinson. After being turned away by Jackie Wilson’s manager, a dejected Smokey Robinson was heading back to his car and Berry Gordy stopped him and told him he liked the songs they were auditioning (Gordy 90-92, Posner23-25). After more conversation Berry discovered that Smokey had written over 100 songs and Berry ask to look and critique them, leading to a lifelong business and friendship between the two. This meeting would actually lead to the development of Motown Records, with Smokey Robinson becoming an integral part of the story.
After receiving a mere $3.19 royalty check from his songwriting, Berry is told by Smokey Robinson that if that’s all you are making you might as well start your own company (Hirshey 133). The light
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A Motown groove hooked you within the first 20 seconds of the song. This was consistent across their productions. Gordy didn’t remain content with success in one market. He grew nationally, internationally and even across demographics. ….Motown went from being the “Sound of Young America” to a sound for Americans of all ages and backgrounds. Artists went from appearing on the “Chitlin Circuit” to the Copacabana: from “American Bandstand” to “The Ed Sullivan Show.” Awareness of shifts in your audience as well as innovation of your product is needed to make that kind of transition. …show more content…
Many innovations used were templates for other companies to emulate. Recording music that would be enjoyed by people of all races, employing behind the scenes personnel to help groom the artists, using unique techniques in the recording are some of the innovations. The legacy will always be remembered because of the dream of his sister and longtime inspiration Esther Gordy Edwards. The sister who held out in the original vote to loan Berry the money to start the company, established in 1985 the Motown Museum ( This is located in the original buildings that recorded all the great music and conducted the business necessary to maintain the company on West Grand Boulevard in Detroit, Michigan. Motown’s legacy will always be preserved within the confines of the museum with visitors from all over the world coming to see and witness where “The Sound of Young America” was created. This will ensure that future generations will be able to continue to carry the legacy of Motown on. There will never be another Motown Records sin our lifetime, in my opinion, Motown music is the soundtrack of my life and I will continue to pass on the history of its legacy. The music is omnipresent in our society whether it is heard on the radio, in television shows and advertisements, movies, elevators, video games, or wherever music is

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