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  • Taking A Look At A Jazz Concert

    For my musical concert paper I went to see a jazz show that took place in Oakland on Friday October 2, 2015. I saw a performance by The Lost Trio + The Empty Cage Quartet at studio grande. The location where it was held was much more inmate space then I was expecting there to be. It was not too fancy and there was a medium to small crowd there, not like one you would see in a symphony. It was a more informal setting, jazz is a more relaxing and casual form of music, unlike other type of music that gives off a more formal atmosphere. There was a quartet and they used instrument like the trumpets, horns, I believe that I saw a bass, and and a cello. When they began to play they did have their opening remarks about the pieces that they were going to play and all that, providing some background information. This performance would be put in the modern musical period because jazz came around the Great Depression which took place in 1920 . They did use the cello which is a instrument that I believe can be traced back to earlier time period. One of the movement…

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  • Live Jazz Concert Report

    is a special type of language that can be use as a type of communication tool. Jazz is origin from African American and its main characteristics are swing and syncopation, improvisation, distinctive voices bent notes and modes. I’ve watched an amazing concert for the Jazz term paper. The title of the Live Jazz Concert is “Brian Culbertson feat Michael Lington” As the Piano and the Trombone player, Brian Culbertson is one of the main performer that caught my attention as an audience. Not…

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  • Essay On Muscle Tissue

    Muscle tissue is one of the four tissues types that exist in the human body. There are three different muscle tissues, skeletal, cardiac, and smooth. Skeletal muscle tissue cells are long, striated, and have many nuclei. Cardiac muscle tissue, just like the skeletal is also in striations. These cells are short and branched. Unlike, the skeletal muscle tissue these cells die single nucleated. They are connected by intercalated discs. Smooth muscle tissue is not striated. Its Cells are short and…

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  • Texas State Jazz Ensemble Analysis

    Texas State Jazz Ensemble: Special Guess Steve Houghton- Music Critique The Texas State Jazz ensemble, with special guest drummer Steve Houghton, was filled with an uplifting set list. A mixture of trumpets, drums, piano, saxophones, bass, guitar, and trombones played harmoniously with distinct soloist for each song. The Texas State Jazz ensemble did a wonderful job, especially their solo performers. Steve Houghton was also quite fantastic, living up to his name. The overall experience was very…

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  • Jazz Music Concert Report

    assessment, I was a casual listener because I didn’t know the name of the song or artist, but I paid attention to the piece. Furthermore, I was a referential listener because I pictured some scenes while listening to the jazz music. When the trumpet played, it reminded me of a scene where a band is playing jazz music in the background at a bar and people are dancing to the beat and melody of the jazz music. The performance played 7 pieces: “Beautiful Love” by Victor Young, “Alice and…

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  • Miles Davis Kind Of Blue Analysis

    In modern day, there are all types of music that have stemmed from the very beginning of time and music techniques. Jazz is a genre of music that has changed focus from the strict playing of the music and rhythms to a more free and fun style, giving musicians more freedom to play music how they like and how they choose to when it comes to entertaining audiences. There are two main musicians who are an example of jazz at its finest, and they are Miles Davis and Steve Reich. Miles Davis is an…

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  • Swing And Jazz Of The 30s And 40s

    Swing and Jazz of the 30s and 40s How do you feel about Swing and Jazz? Well even if you have never heard of them or don't like them , there were many people in the 30’s and 40’s that were interested in this type of music. Nowadays people think it's the music that old people listen to, but it's got a sweet rhythm. Jazz was popular before swing, but musicians like Benny Goodman mixed Swing and Jazz. Both genres are part of an important part of time because they were popular during the…

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  • Jazz Concert At The Club Heritage Faculty Showcase

    For my jazz performance event, I had the opportunity to attend the Club Heritage Faculty Showcase. This showcase was a part of the jazz series. The group that performed was called Jeremy Long Quartet. At the concert, Jeremy Long Quartet preformed some Jazz classics as well as some original songs. The concert showcase was on Tuesday, October 2016 at 7:30pm Shriver Center, Heritage Room. There were several performers that participated in the showcase. One of the performers, Jeremy Long,…

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  • Jazz Concert Report Essay

    Jazz Concert Report The performance I had attended for this report was the Winter Jazz Concert. At the concert they played six musical selections, five of which were original compositions, making them far more difficult. In this report, I will be discussing the pieces I heard that night at the performance. As a side note, though I have gone to the concert, my memories of every detail in the pieces are a bit hazy since I was not able to recored the performance. For this reason I will be using…

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  • Essay On Popular Music In The 1920's

    them into a revolutionized society. The generation was searching for something captivating and through the development of jazz, they were able to acquire this. As the great depression dissipated, the yearning for new innovation advanced. Although the music was less contemporary, it was not as erotic as modern music. The song, “What a Wonderful Life” by Louis Armstrong, depicts the admirable qualities the earth bears while using contemporary lyrics. Society was no longer in such a fragile state,…

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