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  • Joseph Henry And The Smithsonian Institution

    Washington, May 1, 1847. The day the cornerstone of the Smithsonian Institution was laid. A grand ceremony was planned. Banners were strewn across City Hall. Large crowds gathered, in the size of thousands. People drove in from Baltimore and Philadelphia just to witness the event. There was an air of celebration. It felt like a public holiday. Yet, one important man was not officially invited to the event. The Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, Joseph Henry. This was by no mere accident. It was the building committee’s, constituting some politicians, ploy to irritate Henry. Henry had repeatedly clashed with the politicians on board regarding the building. He wanted to minimize the cost for the building as much as possible. Whereas…

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  • Smithsonian Museum Research Paper

    The Smithsonian museums, some of the most boring times of my childhood. When we first got assigned this assignment to go to a Smithsonian museum I was like why? When I was small my mother used to take my sister and me every summer to the museums. After about three years of going we were so bored of the museums because we had seen all of them and everything they had to offer. However this time around it was a whole different experience and one of the most amazing adventures in my life. I decided…

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  • Philip Evergood Portrait Of My Mother Analysis

    (Smithsonian Institution, 2016). The subject of the portrait was her mother, Flora Jane Perry Evergood, who was dying at the time of her sitting. (Dallas Museum of Art, 2016). Evergood was primarily a painter and a muralist, with the majority of his work influenced by his experiences living in the great depression era. (Smithsonian Institution, 2016). His works included biblical scenes and social criticisms. (Smithsonian Institution, 2016). Evergood was also an activist for the civil rights of…

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  • Brief Summary Of Speech: University Archaeology Museum

    Summary Speech: University Archaeology Museum I want to thank you all for joining us at this press conference today. I greatly appreciate each and everyone one of you for taking the time out of your day to come here. This community has already displayed its dedication and support you all have for the University Archaeology Museum by showing up here today. My Background If you haven’t already heard, I am not the new director of the Archaeology Museum and would like to wholeheartedly thank the…

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  • African American Intern Experience

    the African Art Museum to the spectacular Freer Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian museums are wonderful places to explore. So a chance to intern at one is an opportunity that cannot be missed. I have the required skill set and mindset called for being a member of the Smithsonian intern team, and the reward for the time put into the program is worth it. School never bothered me. Starting in elementary school, I received all A’s with a few B+’s in the mix. But once I entered sixth grade and…

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  • Smithsonian National Zoo

    Smithsonian National Zoo and Animal Inside Out, are two amazing websites one can go on when inquiring to visit animal museums. I was interested to see all the bright colors on the page, a thought came to me. What do graphic designers think when creating a webpage? Questions like why they chose this particular image? Or why did they choose that font and color? Their goal is to make the webpage appealing to the eye, so people can come visit their museum. In this essay I would like to examine two…

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  • Example Of Master Status

    social group is identified as a specific, identifiable person whereas a social institution is identified as a standardized way of doing something. If someone was talking about my family this would be singled out as mine so this is an example of social group however, if someone referred to family in general and apart of society as whole this would be an example of social institution. There are five functions of social institutions which consist of the family, religion, education, the economy, and…

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  • Equality Vs Equality

    the contrary, a society that works well is a society that works for the well-being of its individual members. A respectable society is built on a foundation of trust and equality, and enforced by a governing body. Trust is merely a relationship of reliance and an intrinsic part of human nature. It is established at the family level and expands outward as the child matures. Each being depends on their families to provide, as one depends on educators to teach. Furthermore, trust is necessary for…

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  • Spontaneity And Social Responsibility Essay

    Society: Critical Students in Shakespearean Drama emphasizes a balance, a fusion of two views, personal spontaneity and social responsibility. This discussion comes down to what people consider when they make choices, the near term and their needs and wants or what is best for or required by society, respectively, the later is generally pro-institution. Although there are two sides of the discussion, Eagleton focuses on the views of the proponents for personal spontaneity. He analyses their…

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  • Literature Review On African American Student

    Trust (2016) found that over the past decade, graduation rates for African American students improved by 4.4 percent compared to 5.6 percent for white students. However, because completion rates of African American students progressed at a slower and lower rate the graduation gap has grown. Of the 232 institutions studied 68.5 percent of the institutions had an African American student graduation rate increase, while 31.5 percent of institution’s African American student graduation rates…

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