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  • Redemptora As A Shipwreck

    The history of the Redemptora as a shipwreck starts at an unknown date. Until now, little had been found about its abandonment, reflecting a common practice of disposing of vessels without fanfare. However, in the museum files (WA Maritime Museum file MA File No: 10/78-1) a very interesting article in the U.E.C (Underwater Explorers’ Club) News of October 1962 was unveiled, signed by the ‘Beach Master’. It reports on page six that the author had met one Mr. Fred Sweetman 81, skipper of the Lady Forest and ex-employee of the Harbour & Lights Department, who told him that ‘he remembered the old ship being used as a coal hulk in Careening bay them towed over to Clarence (Naval Base) and burnt’. Unfortunately,…

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  • Uluburun Shipwreck Report

    This is a report on the Uluburun shipwreck. In this report, we will be talking about the cargo of the ship, and the stats of the ship, like how long it was, when it was found, how many dives took place, When the material to make the ship was felled, and how much cargo it was able to hold. This is a report on the Uluburun shipwreck, and I hope you enjoy it! Before we get started with the real info, I would like to tell you a little bit about how I got my information. I used a site similar to the…

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  • Tragic Shipwrecks

    On April 15th in 1912, one of the most tragic shipwreck happened. The Titanic ship sunk under the Atlantic Ocean after colliding with an iceberg. A lot of people died during the accident. Small number of available lifeboats was one of the main reasons that led to such a high number of deaths. Such factors as sex, class, age, and others also significantly contributed to the likelihood of survival. Introducing different statistical methods, I will classify what sorts of people had a better chance…

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  • Shipwreck Analysis

    This topic is about excavating the shipwrecks by using the digital technologies near the Cyprus. Cyprus is an island full of treasures. There was one ship from Athens to Egypt, then to Cyprus and another ship was from Athens to and Sicily. They shipped out at the ship season and trade with these two countries in 323-322 BC. The trade was usually between seven to twenty days. As the archaeologists went through water to excavate in 1967-1969, they found the skeleton of broken ship, the Kyrenia…

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  • Shipwrecks: A Short Story

    Fai Jubono, a young male human, few of his kind, is searching the galaxy for treasure with his droid J6, a repurposed, round, and rusty engineering droid who now helps Fai scavenge the Yinnad galaxy for spare parts, which he then sells for credits. At this time, Fai and J6 are headed to the ocean planet Kee. This planet used to be all ice, but had melted due to Kee getting significantly closer to the sun. Now multiple boats have been submerged underwater, which so called treasure beneath them.…

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  • Shipwreck-Personal Narrative

    After this I promise I will get into some more anecdotes and things like that but I feel her appearance is important to touch on. Her hair is relatively short, hanging only a few inches below her shoulders. Her hair is richer and thicker than pure fudge and has the color to match. She has these eyes, two of them, that change color with every shade of light their pupils take in. Sometimes they are a shade of blue so pale that I almost feel like I am a survivor of a shipwreck floating along as a…

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  • Stranded Deep Shipwrecks

    In Stranded Deep, you take the role of a plane crash survival victim stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. You have sharks, deserted islands and shipwrecks. This survival game has some of the most stunning graphics. Like that is probably one of the best aspects of this game is how good the game developers made the graphics. The sunsets and the moonlight that shines off the ocean is breathtaking. It leaves you saying, "Wow!" The audio is also good, but it has pretty much everything that…

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  • Shipwreck Research Paper

    Throughout history human beings have been exploring the sea, whether for trade, sustenance or pleasure, the sea has vast knowledge of the history of seafaring societies. This shows that what is discovered in the ocean in association with the human past is valuable in understanding the societies and cultures of the time. Shipwrecks such as the Uluburun, found off turkey is a notable example of these contributions, alongside the discoveries made off the coast of Levant, modern day Israel, Syria,…

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  • The Famous Shipwreck Of The Lusitania Analysis

    The Famous Shipwreck Of The Lusitania Have you ever been in a shipwreck and survived? Only 761 people did in the historical event in 1915 during the shipwreck of the Lusitania. There are many ideas on how the author empathizes with the readers to the passengers on the Lusitania. In the passage, there are many details on how the author empathizes the reader to the passengers. The first example,” She must have felt glamorous to be traveling to England on a ship as grand as a New York hotel.”…

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  • Shipwreck By Claude-Joseph Vernet

    He studied under Adrien Manglard who was a marine painter. After he studied with him he got his own style of painting. That is where he started traveling near the Mediterranean coast and Rome to sketch his trips for his long career. Later, he started to get noticed by Roman collectors and French diplomats in Italy and many others from the Alps. Then from this, his famous painting Shipwreck was best known. There were others too, but this one was superb to everyone. It conveyed by how shipwrecks…

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