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  • Tartaro Ethical Dilemmas

    He has been great for most of his time here, but over the last 5 years he has not been able to keep up as well. If his supervisor really felt that him not having a degree was the cause for his low ratings, why would he have been hired or received excellent ratings for 15 years? This is a bad excuse and not a reason for a lawsuit. Due to his average ratings, we felt that we should let him go with a good severance package plus his pension. That being said, elderly employees sometimes experience age discrimination in the workplace. In short, the age discrimination employment act forbids the discrimination against people who are 40 years of age or older. We believe offering a severance package and pension package is the best possible route to avoid risking a large settlement. The package would contain releases as well as benefits with an attorney present to avoid a misinterpretations or confusion. The employee may believe that because he is older and possibly considering retiring soon that it is the reasoning for why he is being let go, but Warren Fortuna and Robert Treharne are older than 40 and not being let go. The company strongly embraces a multigenerational workforce by recognizing all employees no matter their age. We should keep Donald Boyer as he is a very good team player. He lives for work and he is extremely smart. He is…

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  • Case Study: No-Layoff Memo

    California WARN Act is for business with 75 or more employees, and in this case the Federal WARN act is the one that applies as WeaveTech has over 100 employees. WeaveTech is responsible for communicating to its employees 60 days of any large number of layoffs in writing. “Employers who ignore these rules are liable to employees for back pay and benefits for each day of violation up to 60 days, plus penalties and attorneys’ fees. Accordingly, employers should consult with employment counsel to…

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  • D-Bart Performance Appraisal Process

    quickly learned the departments did not take the performance appraisals seriously and often overlooks the required paperwork. She will not be able to gather sufficient information to reduce the workforce with the existing performance appraisals, so she will have to come up with an alternate reduction plan. Kim Cameron (1994) introduced three main types of downsizing strategies: workforce reduction, work redesign, and systematic change. Workforce reduction is the first category of downsizing,…

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  • Google Company Case Study

    that includes direct access to top management. For instance, no one hesitates to pose questions directly to the founders at the weekly all-hands meetings. The HR management system plays a critical role in keeping this value proposition well tuned and relevant for each successive generation of employees by embedding Google’s mission into daily work life. As Laszlo Bock, vice president of people operations at Google, said in an interview with BCG: “If you talk to anybody at Google and ask them…

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  • Fedex Porter's 5 Forces

    company and most importantly a fierce competitor within the shipping industry. Competition within package delivery companies is hard to get into. FedEx along with UPS and DHL are the three dominant companies within the shipping industry. The market structure for FedEx is an oligopoly. An oligopoly is, "A state of limited competition, in which a market is shared by a small number of producers or sellers" ( To narrow it down even more FedEx competes more with UPS rather than DHL…

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  • Shoplifting Case Study Li L Niblets

    Cover Page Table of Contents Summary Li 'l Niblets is under new management and has also had made some changes to their policies in regarding the potential growth of the company. But as of recent, shoplifting is increasing steadily and becoming a risk. Empty product boxes have been found in the store as well as the loss of inventory. The evaluation of Li 'l Niblets shoplifting issue is based on information supplied by a personal interview with…

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  • Retail Alarm System

    Improving the Retail Alarm System According to the National Shoplifting Prevention Association (NASP), retail stores across America roughly lose over 30 Billion dollars due to shoplifting. Working for a retail store for almost 3 years now, I have come to witness many different shoplifting experiences. An experience that comes to mind was when two tall men walked out the store having both arms filled with purses. And all we could do is watch them walk out the store with all those merchandise. As…

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  • Western Company Case Summary

    Following Laurie Company’s purchase of Western Company, 20 Western employees were laid off. The severance pay offered to the recently terminated were used to match the same offered to Laurie Company employees in the previous year. One of the recently terminated Western Company employees, Bill Smith, was offered 5 weeks of severance pay as compensation. He complained that his offer was not fair compared to what was offered to the Laurie Company employees. As a result, a statistician needed to…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Voluntary Separation

    In the instance of voluntary separation, an employee generally decides that they are wanting to leave the organization by resignation. There are many different reasons why employees voluntarily leave an organization,typically the decision can be based on both personal or professional reasons (Mayhew,2012). An example of a professional reason could include an opportunity for a better position, or better compensation package. Moreover, some of the personal reasons that may influence voluntary…

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  • Douglas 'Biff' Wilson In The Film, After The Axe

    Douglas “Biff” Wilson (Canadian resident) a 44-year-old man featured in the film “After the Axe” was terminated from his position after he was not selected for the President position. He was with Universal Foods for fifteen-years and was terminated by the new-elected President, which seemed to be threatened by Biff challenging personality. According to Dismissal Lawyer David Harris, Biff could have retaliated (legal battle) against Universal Foods since they did not have just cause to dismiss…

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