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Li 'l Niblets is under new management and has also had made some changes to their policies in regarding the potential growth of the company. But as of recent, shoplifting is increasing steadily and becoming a risk. Empty product boxes have been found in the store as well as the loss of inventory.
The evaluation of Li 'l Niblets shoplifting issue is based on information supplied by a personal interview with the manager.
Analysis of the data revealed recommended changes in two areas:
Customer theft can be reduced by improving the level of customer service, greeting customers as they enter the store and assisting them when they need help. Staff should make
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The crime of shoplifting is slowly increasing within the store. Shoplifters come in all ages, races and sizes. Just like any other retail store, Li 'l Niblets is open to the increasing problem of shoplifting . It is safer to prevent shoplifting rather than dealing with the shoplifter.
These are strategies the company and staff should consider in order to reduce shoplifting:
• Greet customers entering the store with a smile
• Improving Customer service
• Ask the customer if they need any help
• Keeping the store tidy and organized
• Have employees walk around the store especially in the blind spots.
• install convex mirror by the blind spots or areas that are not in plain sight.
• Install more security cameras in the store preferably on the floor visible to customers
• Post signs stating the prosecution of shoplifters
Signs of a potential shoplifter:
• Customers who avoid eye contact
• Who keep on surveying the store (i.e. other customers, employees and cameras)
• nervous looking customers
• roam the store without purchasing an item

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Whether it is the owner or the manager, but that is not enough of an effort to keep track of both customers and employees. Employee theft is more serious than customer shoplifting. Employees have access to several privileges such as door codes, computer passwords, cash from the till and several other privileges. Employee theft is a big threat to companies because it could take plenty amounts of time to figure out who the culprit is.
Strategies to reduce employee theft
• Take physical inventory count semi-annually or annually
• Install cameras In the rest of the store, including the shipping and receiving end
• Get to know the employee 's
• Create a joyful work experience to look forward to.
To prevent future employment theft , the process starts as early as the hiring process. Make sure the potential candidate is the right fit for the job. The candidates have to meet the company 's ' high standards. Perform a full background check including calling their references and complete a thorough interview to effectively indicate if they are the person for the job.

These recommended strategies will reduce shoplifting , employee theft and prevent future theft

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