D-Bart Performance Appraisal Process

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In attempts to retain the most effective employees during D-Bart’s downsizing process, Karen Howell met with each department manager to review performance appraisals. “A company that adopts a downsizing strategy reduces the scale and scope of its business to improve its financial performance” (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & Cardy, 2015, p. 189). In an interview with the production supervisor, Howell quickly learned the departments did not take the performance appraisals seriously and often overlooks the required paperwork. She will not be able to gather sufficient information to reduce the workforce with the existing performance appraisals, so she will have to come up with an alternate reduction plan. Kim Cameron (1994) introduced three main types …show more content…
First, the human resources department must contact each department in the building and the other facilities to notify them on the recent changes to the performance appraisal process. HR should inform everyone that performance appraisals will be taken seriously moving forward and there will be consequences if managers and supervisors fail to accurately fill out the paperwork. The establishment of HR policies is necessary to ensure all employees are aware of the recent changes and improvements to guarantee adequate performance measures. Next, Ms. Howell or any involved manager should identify what areas of work need examining, conduct a thorough and consistent measurement to reach a conclusion on employee performance, and inform employees on how they can reach their full potential in the future (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & Cardy, 2015). Finally, D-Bart Industries should train both the management giving the performance appraisals and the employees who are appraised. This will allow everyone to be on the same page during the appraisal process and eliminate any uncomfortable feelings between the co-workers. The organization can also bring in an external party to perform audits to find out whether or not the company’s performance appraisals are

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