Tartaro Ethical Dilemmas

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Laying off employees must be done about the right way taking the proper steps to avoid uncomfortable situations or legal issues that could do major damage to the business. To make the process easier managers should plan what to say in advance, choose a time and place where it would impact the business the least, focus on the law, keep it short, and give employees time. Firing is stressful for all parties, not just the employee being laid off. With the cutbacks being made it is difficult deciding who to let go from a group of good employees. Therefore, it is important to answer honestly and correctly, and summarize the situation without placing blame or too much detail. Simply by saying something along the lines like, “We wish you well in …show more content…
The Federal laws keep an employer from releasing an employee based on Sexism, Racism, Ageism, and Disabilities. These are all factors that an employer could be sued for based on how they handle the situation. The team we are leaving behind is a well-knit team of professionals that should handle this situation very well. Tartaro need not worry about consequences from laying off these employees as the new team will be able to perform very well without anyone lowering their ratings. He should feel no guilt about this as these three employees all had lower ratings than the …show more content…
He has been great for most of his time here, but over the last 5 years he has not been able to keep up as well. If his supervisor really felt that him not having a degree was the cause for his low ratings, why would he have been hired or received excellent ratings for 15 years? This is a bad excuse and not a reason for a lawsuit. Due to his average ratings, we felt that we should let him go with a good severance package plus his pension. That being said, elderly employees sometimes experience age discrimination in the workplace. In short, the age discrimination employment act forbids the discrimination against people who are 40 years of age or older. We believe offering a severance package and pension package is the best possible route to avoid risking a large settlement. The package would contain releases as well as benefits with an attorney present to avoid a misinterpretations or confusion. The employee may believe that because he is older and possibly considering retiring soon that it is the reasoning for why he is being let go, but Warren Fortuna and Robert Treharne are older than 40 and not being let go. The company strongly embraces a multigenerational workforce by recognizing all employees no matter their age.
We should keep Donald Boyer as he is a very good team player. He lives for work and he is extremely smart. He is currently working on his Master’s degree which presents him as a determined worker.

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