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  • Plate Tectonics Research Paper

    The term ‘plate tectonics’ is describes of the structure of the earth as made of plate-like shaped components. Alfred Wagener in 1912 was responsible for the introduction of the continental drift theory, Kious, W. J., & Tilling (1996). The theory was based on stunning observations that the African continent makes a perfect fit with the South American. It had also been observed that the similar animal and plant fossils had been found in the adjacent African and South American coasts. Given the…

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  • Essay On Power Of Earthquake

    As human, we used to think ourselves as a superior species with the power to control and manipulate nature as we wish, but in fact we are very vulnerable to natural disasters like volcano, typhoon, tsunami and especially earthquake. For the last decade, we had to face with many super earthquake with magnitude from 7.0 to 9.0 Richter which caused devastating damage, some even send a country backward 10 years in development like Haiti earthquake in 2010 according to the UNICEF. With the power of…

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  • Asteroseismology

    star's arrangement to its destruction. Presently, surprisingly, astrophysicists have the capacity to decide the vicinity of solid attractive fields profound inside throbbing goliath stars. Analysts utilized asteroseismology - a control like seismology - to track waves going through stars with a specific end goal to decide their inward properties. "We can now test areas of the star that were beforehand concealed," said co-lead creator Matteo Cantiello,…

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  • Personal Narrative: American Red Cross And The Math Team

    Many students tend to join extracurriculars their friends join. Rather than picking the club that describes them as who they are, they drift towards activities that have more members or “look good” on college applications. When I was a freshman, I joined eleven clubs, signing up for whichever clubs my friends told me to. My email was filled with the dates of club meetings I could not recall joining. As the year progressed and I realized which clubs I had a passion for. Out of the eleven clubs I…

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  • Improving Patient Monitoring

    Consequently, both scientific different lists of technological solutions got interested with a list of different technology solution which permit to speed up in information technology towards enhancement the good quality of health care system. Among the solutions, one in the direction of enhancement has been taken in durable controlling consideration for the health situation of the patient by creating a monitoring for the health care system. A continuing monitoring service becomes a required…

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  • Roman Catholic Church's Contribution To Western Civilization

    My individual attitude is that the Roman Catholic Church has impacted our society in many different aspects. Throughout the era of Western Civilization until 2016, education, politics and art have remained imperative. Without the knowledge and creativeness of our prehistoric Roman Emperors, and Popes the Catholic Church would cease to exist today. The Roman Catholic Church is a contribution to the study of Science. For instance; Father Giambattista was the first person to document the rate of…

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  • Why Do Earthquakes Occur?

    One of the subfields of seismology is to study how and why earthquakes occur. Predicting and projecting when, how, and why earthquakes occur can save millions of lives, while also saving billions in public taxpayer funds to rebuild after the damage. There are several types of gravitational forces that occur within the earth and cause earthquakes, such as plate tectonics and seafloor spreading. Understanding these actions can allow us to have better understanding of the causation of earthquakes.…

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  • Seismic Data Processing Essay

    PARALLEL COMPUTING IN SEISMIC DATA PROCESSING 1. INTRODUCTION: Seismic Data Processing involves a critical part in the investigation of oil and characteristic gasses. In the course of the most recent two decades the computational prerequisites of the SDP exercises have grown up numerous folds because of the expansion in the information volume and also the advancement in the scientific calculations. Three dimensional information securing has gotten to be normal as it has ended up important to…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Seismic Imaging Technology: Evolution And Development

    their own paragraph, as shown here. Headings 3, 4, and 5 are run-in headings used at the beginning of the paragraph. Seismic Imaging Technology. How it works and how it has helped Chevron discover new oil and gas reservoirs. Also known as Reflection Seismology, this is an exploration method used by oil and gas companies to gauge and estimate the seismic characters of the Earth’s sub-surface. The way it works is, it uses sound waves to bounce off the surface of underground rock structures to…

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  • Ob 354 Ethical Dilemma Case

    OB 354 Ethical Dilemma Case October 11, 2017 Mitchell Valla 1. What are the facts in the case? • John is a very accomplished seismologist who reports to the director of the research facility he works at • John has spent years developing a method for predicting major earthquakes that will hit the West Coast • The facility John works for is funded by government money and corporate interests • John has developed a technique that he believes is 80 percent accurate in predicting an…

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