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  • Earthquake Of 1906 Analysis

    The earthquake of 1906 was a horribly destructive and stunning event. It was described by people that were there, some of them described it in books. One of these books in the novel Dragonwings, where a character named Moonshadow feels the ground twist and turn between his feet. There are also articles found that explain the natural phenomena of the terrible earthquake that occurred on April 18, 1906. The name of one remarkable article that gives many facts is called “Web Resource”. Though…

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  • Cause Of The San Francisco Earthquake

    San Francisco – The Bay Area was shaken to its core Monday morning when an earthquake struck around 7:12 a.m. with a preliminary magnitude of 6.4. One San Francisco resident was awakened that morning not by the quake, but by a chunk of cement flying through his kitchen. Michael Beamer said he was eating breakfast before the earthquake began, and when it did he ducked and covered under his kitchen table. “I was eating my breakfast and the room started rolling. I dove under the table just as I…

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  • Cypress Street Viaduct Case Study

    The collapse of the Cypress Street Viaduct in 1989 was a disaster caused by an earthquake. On October 17, 1989 an earth quake occurred around the Santa Cruz bay area. The Cypress Street Viaduct was the first double-decker viaduct in California and it was made in 1955 – 1957 and it cost 100 million dollars. On October 17, 1989, the southern portion of the structure collapsed during the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake, due to ground movement and structural flaws. When in use, the upper and lower tier…

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  • The Nature Of The Self-Organized Critical System

    It is important to acknowledge that without the critical state, interesting phenomena cannot occur. The non-critical state is at equilibrium, where Gibb’s free energy is equal to zero, and there are no avalanches. Therefore, the critical state is not at equilibrium, this is only an illusion society sees as a result of the nature of self-organized critical systems. During the intermittent periods between avalanches, society cannot detect any changes, so it is assumed that nothing is happening,…

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  • The Stafford Act: A Case Study

    On January 17th 1994, at 4:31am, a magnitude 6.7 earthquake struck the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, killing more than 60, injuring more than 9,000, and causing widespread damage (Taylor, 2014). With the vast amount of damage, loss of life, and injuries it is easy to understand how the local and state responders would have quickly been overwhelmed in their response measures. This is the exact sort of emergency that the Stafford Act was developed for. According to (Hunter, 2009),…

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  • Slc Soil

    SOILS AND EARTHQUAKE DAMAGE Create a Google Doc titled “Soil Types and the Danger of Earthquakes”. At the top of the page include your full name, period, and date. Place the assignment title underneath. Then use the links provided to answer the accompanying prompts using not less than five sentences each. Use 12 or 14 pt. Arial font and organize your answers into four distinct sections corresponding to each prompt. Add graphics if you wish, just keep them reasonable in size. Your…

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  • San Francisco 1906 Earthquake

    Earthquakes can bring unfortunate events, such as destroyed cities, many losses and limited resources. An example of this is “The San Francisco 1906 Earthquake and Fire left around 300,000 people homeless and the bay area in despair. A number of camps were set up around the city to deal with the destruction. Many people also left the city by the bay in search for more stable grounds.” stated from San Francisco 1906 Earthquake & Fire. (Paragraph 15). (…

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  • 1906 Earthquake Essay

    The 1906 San Francisco earthquake and the April 2015 Nepal earthquakes were two of the most devastating and destructive earthquakes in history. The two natural disasters were very similar in the way they had prepared beforehand, responded immediately after and the aftermath and destruction caused from each shakedown. While they were similar on many counts, they also differed in varying ways. The San Francisco earthquake in 1906 struck on April 18th and was a milestone in earthquake research.…

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  • 1906 San Francisco Earthquake Research Paper

    The quake was capable of igniting raging fires, which broke out in the city and lasted for several days. The flames were quick to spread due to electrical lines and ruptured gas lines. It is estimated that up to 90% of the total damage was the result of the subsequent fires that burned uncontrollably (1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire). San Francisco was utterly destroyed. Around fifty different fires began fuming in San Francisco, and eventually coalesced into a grand firestorm that…

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  • Essay On Oklahoma County Earthquake

    Oklahoma County has not been really active. Before the earthquake swarm started in the Jones area, there was only 7 earthquakes per year in Oklahoma County. But, since the Jones swarm started, there are a few hundred earthquakes per year. And, since January 2009, eastern Oklahoma County has been shaking off and on. Most of the quakes are around Jones, Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Geological Survey was interested in the 10,000 percent increase in seismic activity. Austin Holland, a seismologist for the…

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