Second Punic War

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  • Native Language Diversity

    Analyzing Native Language Diversity Preface: The Public Schools of Robeson County is diverse in demographics and populations vary from school to school. The schools are primarily triracial and include White, Black, and American Indian populations. However, we do have a population of Latino families that reside in rural areas where farming is dominant and offer opportunities for employment. For the purpose of this assignment, I will focus on a plan of action related to creating a…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Foreign Language

    persuade and encourage you all to learn a second language. I think I am qualified to speak about this topic because I do speak more than one language. Being able to speak fluently in Chinese has helped me a lot at work. I’m currently working in Kate Spade and selling handbags (kind expensive or decent brand). I had met a lot customers from China, so I always used my advantage/ skill to communicate and help them. Today, I will talk about how can a second languages make you more intelligent,…

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  • American Language Diversity

    As we have all witnessed first-hand in America as well as other countries, there are many different variations of the languages we speak. Different dialects, pronunciation, forms, and accents all make up the subtle differences of languages spoken around the world. Because America is a “melting pot” for so many different cultures, it can be easy to walk down the street and hear a version of English not native to you. As you travel around the county and the world, you will observe that the…

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  • Julius Caesar Involvement In War Essay

    Caesar’s involvement in Gallic wars: Best for Roman Empire or Self-Promotion? Julius Caesar, one of many glorious Roman leaders, was a well known military leader but he was also known for being a gigantic narcissist. So, was he justified in getting involved in the Gallic wars? To understand Caesar’s reasoning behind getting into the war, we must first know what happened in Gaul. Caesar was on a military high in a military low. He had just gotten noticed as a great military leader and…

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  • Nakb Palestine, 1948, And The Claims Of Memory Analysis

    This summary of Nakba: Palestine, 1948, and the Claims of Memory by Ahmad H. Sa’di and Lila Abu-Lughod will provide an examination of the Palestinian Diaspora in relation to the Palestinian exodus of 1948. Part One of this book is entitled “Places of Memory”, which consists of historical perspectives of scholars, such as Chapter 1’s article by Susan Slyomovics, related to Nakba through the memories of refugees in the town of Qula: “A different history historiography, grounded in testimonial…

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  • What Are Language Barriers In A Multicultural Classroom

    barriers. Will the students understand English? Will the teacher understand the language of the student? These questions often lead into thinking about second language acquisition and English Learners. This is important to the multicultural classroom because the teacher should not only be patient with English Learners, who are acquiring English as their second language, but also should be culturally aware of the students they are teaching. If a student speaks Spanish only it does not mean they…

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  • How To Write A Contrastive Analysis

    A contrastive analysis of requests in English and Vietnamese In process of communication in a community, request is one of the most important speech acts. In fact, it is used a lot in all aspects of life such as social interaction, working, studying, language teaching, etc. Especially, when teaching and studying language, many Vietnamese teachers and students find difficulty in understanding the similarities and differences between requests in English and Vietnamese. They can not…

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  • Analysis Of Language And Symbolic Power By Pierre Bourdieu

    The flexibility of language is a highly controversial topic in the field of linguistics. How easily does language acquisition occur and in what ways may it be limited? Through his text Language and Symbolic Power, French linguist Pierre Bourdieu introduces a market metaphor in order to explain the ways that communicative exchanges relay both messages contained in words and nonlinguistic information about a person’s social status. He explains that in the process of “linguistic exchange,”…

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  • Claire Kramsch's The Relationship Between Language And Culture

    The relationship between language and culture is known to be confusing with no clear distinction on how to separate the two. Language must be learned in order to communicate with the people who speak it as their native tongue, and culture must be understood in order to act in accordance with the social norms of society. But if multiple languages are learned without any cultural knowledge on the country where that language is spoken, is that language fully learned? And if multiple countries…

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  • The Arrival Movie Essay

    ‘The Arrival’ is a movie which shows the relation between language and cognitive. The main character, Dr. Louise Bank is a linguist who has successfully proved the correlation between language and thoughts where she adopted the Sapir-Whorf theory. The main agenda in this movie is to show how two different languages communicate in such both sides can’t understand each other’s language. In my opinion, Dr. Bank together with Dr. Ian, however, have done their job very well in understanding the…

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