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  • Karen Horney

    contributions to the world of social science, especially in the field of psychology. Prior to becoming a social scientist, Karen attended The University of Freiburg where she studied medicine. While attending university, Karen suffered the loss of both her parents which led her to meet with a psychoanalyst for therapy. It was during her treatment that she became interested in pursuing her education and career in psychology. She then went on to study at the Berlin Psychoanalytic Institute under…

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  • Essay Explain How Psychology Is Related To Psychology

    1. “Explain how psychology is related to biology, and give specific examples. Do you think it is possible for mental processes to ever be completely separate from biological processes? Why or why not? ” Biology studies the body, the structure, and body functions. Every move and idea come from the body. Psychology studies the mind and behavior. Psychology studies the mind where biology studies the body biology and psychology work together if one changes it will affect the other for example. A…

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  • Two Specialties That Interest Me Essay

    Psychology has many different layers and avenues that can be explored, learned and taught. The two specialties that interest me personally the most would Psychology has many different layers and avenues that can be explored, learned and taught. The two specialties that interest me personally the most would be health psychology and social and psychological. Why, because I myself am a very complexed individual with different emotions and feelings as well as a different approach to behavior…

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  • I Want To Go To Grad School

    social work? Have I ever considered psychology? As she asked me these questions it opened my eyes to which tables I want to consider looking at next. One of the first majors I was interested in learning about was Inclusive early…

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  • Essay On Career Goal

    field of human and social services, combined with my educational background serves as a solid foundation for earning a Ph.D. in International Psychology with an emphasis in Organizations and Systems. This combination provides the strong foundation to contour my future career goals and research interests. I believe that The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is a premier institution for an ambitious Ph.D. contender. As a recent graduate of a Master’s program, I’m aware and conversant with…

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  • What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Juvenile Justice

    formulated by integrating the fields of psychology, sociology, social work, and law enforcement. The integration of these fields makes up the fundamental structure of the juvenile justice system. Whether you are a probation officer, judge, lawyer, counselor or clinician, all of these professions must understand the various fields that make up the juvenile justice system. Over 60 of my credit hours at the University of New Orleans are compromised of psychology courses. While being an intern with…

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  • Clinical Psychology Reflection

    counseling psychology. One of my favorite aspects of the course was learning about the history of counseling psychology, specifically the difference between counseling and clinical psychology. Prior to the course, I was not very cognizant of the difference between the two fields. I assumed the main difference between counseling and clinical psychology was clinical psychology focuses more on diagnosing and treating patients with mental illness and disorders. While counseling psychology…

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  • My Occupational Study

    interesting and I began to look more seriously at pursuing a different path, more in line with the amazing things I was learning about psychology, research, and the brain. Undergraduate coursework in psychopathology, working with survivors of trauma, and counseling, as well as volunteer experiences working with…

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  • Cognitive Psychology: Improving Student Learning

    Increasing student learning has been a top priority for school districts, private organizations, and workforce education over the past years. Big questions have arised when it comes to maximizing the teaching level for students. My interest comes to see what our brain has to do with the way we learn, and what can be done in order for our brain to memorize information that is being learned. I chose this article because it involves how cognitive psychology takes place in order to better our…

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  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation Essay

    A psychosocial rehabilitation specialist noted, “Psychology strives to change, influence, or control behavior to make constructive and lasting changes in people 's lives” (Cherry). Psychologists have plentiful opportunities to help people with numerous problems, including mental health, social anxiety, bullying, and criminal activity. It does not always have to be about one’s salary or material goods, but dedicating his/her spare time to those in need as well. Various skills are required and…

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