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  • Dbq Essay On Mobile Devices

    Cell phones, we all have them. However, are cell phones a necessity in our everyday lives. Many may conclude that mobile devices are a necessity in order to exist in our ever evolving landscape. Personally, I am unable to function without my mobile device(s), due to my everyday tasks. Many others fall within this parameter, in order to accomplish certain requirements of their jobs and personal lives. Therefore, the demand for mobile devices is almost exponential. Technology is evolving so…

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  • Students Should NOT Be Banned To Schools

    Some high schools should not ban students from driving to and from school if they live in an area with bus service. Students should have the same rights as the staff and faculty and having to ride the bus is vert inconvenient to most people. Students should not be ban from driving to school because if they passed the driving test and can legally drive then why stop them? Students have to earn the privilege to drive it is not something that is just given, for example, having to pay your phone…

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  • Should Cell Phones Be Banned While Driving

    I firmly believe that it should be illegal to drive and use a cell phone simultaneously. Using a cell phone while driving is a major distraction that puts not only yourself, but others in danger. The first reason the use of cell phones should be banned while driving is because they cause the user to take their eyes off the road. In order to use a cell phone, the driver must look at their phone. If the driver is looking at their phone, they aren't looking at the road. Taking your eyes off…

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  • Personal Narrative: Distracted Walking

    I don't really want to do any changes this year but if i did they would most likely be not using my phone while walking because i have seen first hand what that does to you one time one of my friends was using Jesus’s phone while walking and hit his well the part between his legs and looked like it hurt and me i just laughed so i don't want that to happen to me because it is painful and humiliating so one of my changes is distracted walking another one of my changes would be exercise because…

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  • The Undercover Parent Analysis

    In Harlen Coben's The Undercover Parent, Coben argues in favor of spyware being applied to the computers of children. He claims that spyware will allow the parent to protect the child from himself/herself as the parent will be able to see every keystroke that the child makes. In doing so, the parents would be able to protect their children from tragic events such as, the author mentions, "gambling away their entire life savings" or having a child being "cyber bullied until the point where she…

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  • Faulty Garage Door Case Study

    A faulty garage door can cause a lot of anxiety for most people, considering that most garages hold important possessions like cars. Leaving them exposed to bad weather and potential thieves is not an option to consider. You will find that most people prefer to call it in whenever there is a problem as opposed to fixing it on their own. Why is it advisable to call a repair service? 1. Risk of injury A garage door is a heavy item and a small mistake could bring the whole system crashing down.…

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  • Technology Affecting Society

    In November, everyone is not only thankful for the turkey, but also thankful for black Friday. This is because everyone wants to get the latest phones and other devices. Society has fallen into a trap of technology that they can’t escape from. No matter where you go or live, technology is present everywhere. Every month there are many different devices that come out into the market. Technology has affected society in negative and intersecting ways. For example, part of today’s society has become…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Integrated Devices While Driving

    Rob Reynolds presents the cons of the article “Are integrated Devices Safer than Handheld Devices While Driving?” He contends that using handheld and integrated devices while driving is still a distraction in its own way and is not something that will make drivers safer. The author also believes that in some of the current studies of automakers, they have attempted to demonstrate that these integrated devices are safer, but really don’t have enough proof to support their ideas. The research…

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  • Arguement For Distracted Driving

    There were 3,154 people killed in a motor vehicle involving distracted drivers in 2013. Why would you want to add on to the killing? One of these killings could be one of your loved ones and their life could have been saved if the people around them on the road cared enough about their life and people around them. Every time you get behind a wheel of any vehicle you should have your full attention on the road and not somewhere else. I believe that the only way for people to get undistracted…

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  • Distracted Driving

    Distracted Driving should be illegal because technology has been a major key in car accidents among american teens. Texting while driving should be banned and that may help take down the car accident rate. Since the late 1990’s, car crashes and fatalities caused by distracted driving have become an increasingly serve public health problem. Advancements in mobile technologies have enabled people to use their cell phones as primary communicated devices and drivers have brought those devices into…

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