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  • Experiment 60 Experiment

    A vast amount of people can relate to this experiment. As the time states, the experiment challenges a person to rant about anyone or anything that has caused you discomfort or displeasure for ten minutes; however, you are not directly ranting to somebody, you are ranting to yourself in your own space. I know a good amount of people that could benefit from this experiment. Everybody needs an outlet, and screaming and cursing out loud where nobody can hear you can be an ideal release. The other alternative would be to scream and become aggressive with whatever or whomever hurt you, and that may not end nicely. Anyhow, with ranting, the person who is ranting usually feels intensely passionate about what he or she is ranting about. Whether someone is ranting about political views, social issues, or an incompetent professor, if they are willing to dedicate ten…

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  • The Rant Play Analysis

    1. What is the play's story? Review the basic plot. The play The Rant is about a young black autistic teenage boy being gunned downed by policemen on his front porch. The two police officers who were involved in the shooting was Sergeant Clarke and Sergeant Simmons. There was a reporter named Mahnaz, she wanted to get the story in the paper so people can really know what it is going on. The reporter had interview with Denise Reeves, the teen mom, to get the story about what happened the day of…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Hero Is My Best Friend

    conversation we had over facebook lasted 6 hours of us non-stop sending each other paragraph messages. She is very different from any other best friend i ever had… she let me let loose more when i was with her and showed me that being strict and ALL about school is not the way to live life. She just knew how to have fun and it may be crazy to say this but she’s like my personal drug because i can never have enough of her and i'm always coming back for more so im addicted. A hero needs to be…

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  • Jarret Kobek I Hate The Internet Analysis

    “Dear slut, I hope that you are gang-raped by syphilis infected illegal aliens” was the message she received anonymously after a video of one of her lectures she gave to a class (Kobek 3). Women have lived through centuries of inequality and injustices, yet this aspect was blind to most people. Kobek repeatedly reminds us that we live in a society that hates women and there is a lot of irony between the different aspects of men and women viewed by the public. This novel is a prime example of the…

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  • Sherry Turkle: A Personal Analysis

    We tend to rant to non-responsive objects, like dogs or cats. Are we more comfortable ranting to non-responsive objects, because they don't judge how or what we feel, and they can't comment verbally. Then it's easier to make up something we would want them to say or would like to hear from someone else. Sherry Turkle argues we do not have category confusions about our pets, and some people tend to be are more comfortable talking to robots than another human being. After doing some research of my…

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  • Jim Carrey's Mandatory Vaccination Case Study

    Jim Carrey received heavy criticism from a mother over his unauthorized use of her autistic son’s photo in an anti-vaccine rant on Twitter. The 53-year-old comedian reportedly used the picture of 14-year-old Alex Echols from Oregon in a Twitter rant against Governor Jerry Brown’s approval of the nation’s mandatory vaccination law. Karen Echols said their family is “disgusted and sickened” over Jim Carrey’s use of her son’s photo without permission in a post visible to the comedian’s 14.7 million…

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  • Natural Disasters In Popular Music

    criticising the United States government, in R.E.M.’s rant about all things bad in the world, they reference media multiple times. The incorporation of the media into R.E.M.’s rant didn’t necessarily start in a negative way, rather it brought attention to how much people’s lives depend on the media. This was seen in the phrase “six o 'clock TV hour”, referencing how people literally started to dedicate part of their day to media. The 1980s in particular are know for a changing time in media and…

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  • Hythloday's Influence On Society

    establishing his credibility by noting that he was not “ ignorant of the Latin tongue, but is eminently learned in the Greek” who “ran the same hazard as Americus Vesputius” ( More 10). Even more impressive than voyaging with the man who lent America its name, Hythloday has also managed to horde a library along his travels. Other than these few facts, the author reveals little about the traveler. Hythloday is an enigma, much like the Utopia he describes. More mentions that Hythloday “ had a…

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  • Dahlia Argumentative Essay

    Chiomara When Mom asks Dahlia and me if we want to go with her to the Nasty Women’s First Annual Camp and Rant, I tell Mom I’d rather die, but good for her. Dahlia says she wouldn’t miss it for the world. She says that no matter what, she is going, and if I don’t go, I’m being complicit to Trump’s administration. “You’re, like, a sexist,” says Dahlia. “I can’t be a sexist,” I say, “I’m a female.” “You can be sexist against women and be a woman yourself,” says Dahlia. “It could be really…

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  • Compare And Contrast Simon Sinek And Piker

    the topic was on how “Millennials are not compatible for the corporate workplace because of bad parenting, social media, participation medals, and a false sense of self-image”. Piker responded with exigence by arguing that “Sinek is totally ignoring all the problems that Millennials face in the workplace”. Piker’s argument has the upper hand against Simon’s argument by explaining how Simon generalizes all Millennials of being horrible in the workplace. In Sinek’s rant, he perpetually degrades…

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