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  • The Crucible Act 1 Scene 2 Study Guide

    1: Summarize: Losing your father is hard, but it is even harder to learn how to move on from there. For Raidy that is exactly what she must do, she knew her father had been sick for months, and the experimental treatment was just that experimental, but she had her hopes high. She knew what was going on as the doctors and nurses gathered around his bedside, and she begged him not to go. In the end, there was nothing that could be done, he was ready, so her mother said many times in the passing…

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  • Analysis Of Kanye West

    When you look at fans of professional wrestling, it can become pretty obvious who their favorite wrestler is, by the clothing, or merchandise, they wear. For fans of Kanye West, there’s a different similarity between pro wrestling fans and themselves. Kanye West fans do not have a definitive name, or way of defining themselves. There is no form for the group for some reason. However, they are still able to celebrate their icon and promote their icon in a positive way amid negative press he is…

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  • Self Reflection Paper In Psychology

    This semester was filled with classes. One in-which was this class, Psychology, and like the others it held unique curriculum where individual moments of inspiration peaked my interest. Through the general lens, my perceptions aided me towards the belief that the professors, the theorists, and myself included example qualities where a mental evaluation could potentially lead to a diagnosis. This class focused on the human psyche and the way that behaviors may be the reflection of the individuals…

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  • My Controversial Topics

    nonstop for a few minutes. Getting all of your thoughts down as they occur in your head is crucial-- worry about forming the sentences and paragraphs later. The rants the class completed about our own room for debate topics were very unprofessional, with major run-on sentences, grammar errors, and all of the like. However, in my own rant, I did see a comparable number of ideas that I had not seen in the original author 's’ pieces in the actual Room For Debate…

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  • Power In Euripide's Hippolytus

    Euripides’s great tragedy Hippolytus tells the story of a young man and his family who fall victim to the displeasure of the gods.Because of its disproportionate on men and its disregard of female suffering, this play contains strong misogynistic undertones. The story begins with Aphrodite expressing anger over Hippolytus’s refusal to worship her properly. He instead devotes all of his time to hunting with Artemis, the patron goddess of virgins. Hippolytus claims that the reason for his distance…

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  • Madame Butterfly Analysis

    Century was more comedic. Songs of the Dragons flying to Heaven begin with a dialogue between three people and slaps can be heard. Soon a video is shown of the playwright being the receiver of the slaps. The video ends and a rant from a Korean-American women begins. Her rant is shocking and hilarious as she starts with the assertion that Asian American are slightly brain dead from having brought up by monkeys who cannot speak English very well. She compares white men dating Asian women to "…

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  • School Graduation Speech - Original Writing

    at my parents, and they were smiling and my principal was trying to hold back a smile, too. Of course, my principal started off the same line he always use when I am in his office, which was “Brown, you know why are in here?” He continued with his rant in a monotone voice and like normal I start having flashbacks. Freshman year, walking into this huge school knowing no one besides people at my church who I would rather not be associated with and just happened to attend this school. Everyone…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To A Public School

    college was in the same area as her dream college. The colleges are only a good ten to twenty minute drive to each other. We had planned on visiting each other and driving down to downtown LA to hang out and grab lunch. We wanted to have sleepovers and rant to each other about how we’re learning much more than we in did high school. But that changed when she was waitlisted. Marisa tried to appeal to the college, but things did not work out. She ended up going to her second choice, UC Riverside.…

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  • Lock And Mori By Robert Downey Jr

    Now, to be perfectly honest, I know nothing about Sherlock Holmes. I have never read the books and never watched the BBC show (though it is on my binge watch list for spring break). I have, though, seen the two movies with Robert Downy Jr – which is what first interested me in this book. I love those movies, I don’t know if that is an unpopular opinion – but I think Robert Downey Jr nails it. Lock & Mori takes an entirely different view on a beloved classic. From what I can gather, no one knows…

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  • Analysis Of Vega's Revulsion: Thomas Bernhard In San Salvador

    called friend named Moya at a bar called La Lumbre. They decided to meet up in the evening in regards to bar being a pleasant time during the hours from five to seven to discuss Vega’s anger towards El Salvador. However, Vega ended up going into a total rant about how much he despites the violence, political corruption, and the…

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