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  • Expressive Language Challenge Essay

    2. I would, first, ask my teacher to be patient with me. I would also suggest that my teacher put effort into getting to know his/her students; be aware of disabilities and learning challenges. In a "normal" classroom, it may not be possible to always give special attention , however, individual help greatly helps work through learning challenges. I would ask that my teacher help me discover ways to deal with the frustration that comes with these challenges. The frustration is often a huge factor in not being able to complete work. 3. When working with student who have learning challenges, I would first teach explicitly. Teaching explicitly would take some of the pressure of of the student to read and learn completely on their own. I would then gradually introduce learning responsibilities to the student. Although they gradually have more responsibility, I am still here as their teacher to help. Scaffolding is effective. I would also teach and explain strategies. Students can replay these strategies and steps in their brains when the teacher is not present. Work is more simple when you know the process to complete it: the questions may change, but the steps are the same. SARAH LEE 1. Expressive language difficulties are often seen in fourth grade because this is when expressive language is introduced, and required. Before fourth grade, thinking was very concrete. You would read about a black dog, and the following questions would ask what color the dog was. However, in…

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  • Urban Observation Report

    Los Angeles is a place where people of different social backgrounds lead increasingly separate, parallel lives. Individuals from all social backgrounds participate in routine activities in micro-spaces throughout the city such as purchasing a cup of coffee or riding the bus to work. These people can be a student going to school or a senior citizen out on a stroll. Even though they may cross paths and share certain spaces on a consistent basis, that does not mean that they live identical lives.…

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  • Digital Painting Advantages And Disadvantages

    1.0 Introduction: Digital Painting is a method of creating an art object (painting) digitally and/or a technique for making digital art in the computer. It adapts traditional painting mediums such as acrylic paint, oils, ink, watercolor, and so on. As a technique, it refers to a computer graphics software program that uses a virtual canvas and virtual painting box of brushes, colors and other supplies. The virtualbox contains many instruments that do not exist in the world, and which give a…

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  • Automatic People Mover System Advantages And Disadvantages

    With the rapid growth of industry & trade in big cities and urban areas as well as with increasing the development of infrastructure projects in railway transportation, hence increasing the need for transportation equipment for people . According to long-term development planning of the Republic of Indonesia, urban railway transportation infrastructure build in many places , some of those projects are, APMS (Automatic People Mover System) project at the Soekarno-Hatta Airport, MRT (Mass…

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  • 3d Printing Research Paper

    “3D printing is an additive (layer-by-layer) manufacturing method that creates 3- dimensional objects using a printer from a digital file.”[1] It allowed manufacturing to use less tooling; to be more cost effective due to the reduced amount of raw material needed; and also to be able to manufacture complex shaped objects that traditional molding could not achieve.[2] However, 3D printing doesn’t only rely on one single technique. There are different types of techniques that would deliver the…

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  • Sociological Effects Of 3D Printing

    Psychological considerations and sociological effects of 3D Printing The use of 3D printers will bring about many changes, the biggest being in the manufacturing industry. While most discussions about 3D printing are in regards to its impact on manufacturing, one of the underlying topics that is overlooked is the impact that 3D printing will have on society. The biggest case against 3D printing is its ability to make weapons. In 2013, 3D printing made headlines in the U.S. when the printers…

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  • Riyadh City Transportation Project

    King Abdul-Aziz Project for Riyadh Public Transportation is a heavy civil infrastructure project under construction. The project is worth $ 22.5 billion. It has two major elements. The first element is Riyadh Metro while the other part is Riyadh Bus Project. In this paper, we will investigate the metro project. Riyadh Metro is a rapid transit system located in the capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This new public transportation system is considered as the spine of the King Abdul-Aziz…

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  • The Impact Of Cornelius Vanderbilt's Influence On Society

    Cornelius Vanderbilt was an important contributor to his field because the majority of today’s businessmen follow his example and act in ways that he invented through his actions. In addition, Vanderbilt invested his fortune in railroads (Carey 351). Without railroads, today’s society would not only be vastly different, but it could also possibly be nonexistent. This is due to Vanderbilt’s railroads creating a societal dependency on themselves. The Commodore had always been skilled at seeing…

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  • Narrative Essay: New York City Vs. Las Vegas

    Colossal winds rushed against the house, causing the walls and floors to creak. Water rushed and hammered on the windows, resounding the fact that it was monsoon season in the Philippines. However, I was worried about college starting and whether I would like it or not because it was something so new that I wasn’t accustomed to. I was more worried about college than the roaring of the storm outside my window. “Take this,” my grandmother whispered, interrupting my thoughts. She passed me a…

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  • 3d Printing Essay

    3D Printing and the Additive Manufacturing Process Additive manufacturing (AM) is a process where an object is created by adding layer-upon-layer of material. This basic process requires the use of a computer, CAD software, the material(s) and the appropriate machine to fabricate the end result. AM has been used in many applications. At first, it was used in Rapid Prototyping (RP). Today, AM is used to create end-products used in many different applications, from aerospace, automotive and…

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