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  • Cyclothymic Case Study

    The following case study of a male client, Ted, suffering from Cyclothymic Disorder. Cyclothymic Disorder is. Chief Complaint Ted, 41-year-old, single, White/Caucasian, male presented to outpatient psychotherapy due to concerns related to depression. He reported having trouble with anger and trusting others. History of Presenting Issue: Ted reported that his history of depression began around 2005 and suggested that is stemmed from years of being teased as a child due to his cognitive…

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  • Poem Analysis: A Facebook Sonnet

    A Facebook Sonnet Analysis A Facebook Sonnet by Sherman Alexie, is a short poem which criticizes society’s preoccupation with social media. In today’s day and age it seems, everyone, regardless of age, is consumed by it! Facebook, a popular and free social networking website that allows users to stay in touch across the globe, seems to be the most toxic of them all. Author Sherman Alexie, bluntly explains the terrors of facebook in some short fourteens utilizing a satirical and witty…

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  • School Dress Code Research Paper

    attention in class because they’re too busy thinking about the fact that they just got dress coded. For example, I was in yearbook and one of my fellow staff members got dress coded for wearing a bralette. The rest of that class period consisted of rants, complaints, and arguments about dress codes which distracted my classmates and I. If she wouldn’t have gotten dress coded this whole fiasco could have definitely been avoided. Another point is students have the right to express…

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  • Essay On Social Norms In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

    Being a satirical novel, Jane Austen 's Pride and Prejudice is filled with scenes depicting the social norms and standards of the 19th century and how ridiculous some of them were, the majority prodding at the conditions of their social class structure or genders. Once scene critiquing both of these aspects is Mr Collins ' proposal to Elizabeth. Analyzing the standards of women only marrying for superficial purposes, women being told that they 're worth relied on them being married to men in…

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  • How The Other Half Lives Riis And Agrees Analysis

    The idea of wealthy individuals touring through the lives of individuals who are poor and capturing what it is like to be poor is notorious in American History. Jacobs Riis and James Agree are two interesting authors with different backgrounds, but shared similar motives. The two authors bring the struggled of American poverty to life by inserting themselves among poor families and wrote about their lives. In his book “How the Other Half Lives”, Riis reports on the lives of many ethnic and…

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  • Creative Writing: Charlie Gardner's Halloween Party

    "Riley, I swear on everything holy in this god damn world, if we don't leave this party in thirty minutes, I will cut the face off of beary the bear bear!" Maya rants, frustrated that her overly sociable friend dragged her to Charlie Gardner’s Halloween party, which Riley described as, “what will be the most amazing wingding since Charlie Gardner’s Christmas shindig,” which of course made Maya give Riley a stern talk about her avoidance of the word party while instead using it’s many synonyms.…

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  • El Pescador Research Paper

    El Pescador rant owned by Don Chuy. It won quite of few awards like best restaurant, best food, and best customer service. El Pescador doesn’t have many appetizer but they do have a famous one called the Fiesta Platter. It has Guacamole, Nachos, Quesadilla, and Taquitos. The platter is very good and tasty. Kids menu is ok, not a big menu for kids but there is good plates to choose though. The desert menu is traditional like flans and aroz con leche. Sometimes there’s special on holidays like…

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  • Bipolar Disorders In Emily Martin's Silver Linings Playbook

    In Silver Linings Playbook, the main character, Pat Solatano, diagnosed with bipolar disorder returns from a mental institution. In a manic rhythm, he starts reading books and going on runs to get his life back together. However, outbursts of anger prevent him from achieving his goal. Emily Martin, the author of Bipolar Expeditions, gives accounts of her ethnographic research of manic depression aka bipolar disorder and describes sufferers like Pat as those who “typically cycle between manic…

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  • A Classic Exclamation Of Tim The Tool Man

    “Arr! Arr! Arr!” is a classic exclamation of Tim the “Tool Man” Taylor, played by Tim Allen, whenever he talks about a fundamental aspect of a man’s nature on the sitcom, Home Improvement. Such outbursts are common in the 90’s show as it represents the call of the “manliest of the manly men,” who Tim is attempting to relate to through his faux television show, Tool Time. The target audience of Tim’s vlog of the 2010s show, Last Man Standing, is the men who are on the verge of losing the title…

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  • Fatherhood In A Doll's House Essay

    In A Doll 's House, Henrik Ibsen writes a feminist play told through his characters of Nora Helmer and her husband, Torvald. In the beginning of the play, Ibsen writes Nora as someone who is submissive to her husband as a result of her upbringing with her father. She follows her husband 's word and does not question his authority. She is a mother of three who is caring yet somewhat distant. In the play, she is hiding a horrible secret; a secret that saved her husband 's life. Once Torvald finds…

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