The Rant Play Analysis

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1. What is the play's story? Review the basic plot.
The play The Rant is about a young black autistic teenage boy being gunned downed by policemen on his front porch. The two police officers who were involved in the shooting was Sergeant Clarke and Sergeant Simmons. There was a reporter named Mahnaz, she wanted to get the story in the paper so people can really know what it is going on. The reporter had interview with Denise Reeves, the teen mom, to get the story about what happened the day of the shooting. The reporter found out that mom lied about what happened that actual night. There was a lot of speculations about what really happened that night because of the different stories that was bring told. The sergeants that were responsible for the murder of
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The reporter changed her mind about really trying to help the woman because she lied. She felt like mom shouldn’t have lied and she really would have tried to figure out the truth behind the murder of her son.
8. What genre is the play? What conventions tell you that?
The overall mood of the play was Dramatic. The play had a lot of action going on. In the play there was never a dull moment. The Play started of with the death of Benji. As the play continued, the reporter found out that Denise Reeves Lied, it was said that they switched the guns at the end, and also that everything both Sergeants said was a lie.
9. What seems to be the play's central message? What does the playwright want the reader/audience to walk away thinking about?
The plays central message is that everyone should be accounted for their actions no matter what the situation is. Even though no one was punished for there wrong doing some one should have been. I believe the playwright wanted the readers to walk away with that police misconduct is not fair. Police should be punished with a crime just like a regular person would

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