Jarret Kobek I Hate The Internet Analysis

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I Hate the Internet by Jarret Kobek

The internet is a beautiful place; a place where anyone could go and search whatever they have on their mind in a matter of seconds. They are opened up to a whole new reality, almost like an alternative universe. We are so in tuned to the internet and most people are too blind to see that. Personally, I have already checked my phone three times since I started writing this prompt. Jarret Kobek’s I Hate the Internet gives us a look on a multitude of people and places during a new technological era that seems to be doing more harm than good. Whenever I find myself surfing YouTube, the same inevitable pattern always happens. I type in what I initially wanted to watch like Top 10 NHL Fights and then I end
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Adeline fell into a trap set out by the internet and became one of the victims of what is very evident today; cyberbullying. “Dear slut, I hope that you are gang-raped by syphilis infected illegal aliens” was the message she received anonymously after a video of one of her lectures she gave to a class (Kobek 3). Women have lived through centuries of inequality and injustices, yet this aspect was blind to most people. Kobek repeatedly reminds us that we live in a society that hates women and there is a lot of irony between the different aspects of men and women viewed by the public. This novel is a prime example of the irony because Kobek mentions that Adeline forgot she lived in a world where men were allowed conservation drift while it was looked down upon for a woman. Adeline gets outed out on the internet from one of her rants and gets repeatedly attacked online, while Kobek writes an unbelievable rant on just about everything and he is praised for his work based on some of the reviews left by people. If he was a woman, there is no doubt that this novel would have received a lot more different reviews that will most likely pick at irrelevant aspects like physical features. Throughout the whole novel, Kobek describes mostly every character and states whether they do or do not have eumelanin in the basale stratum of her epidermis

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