Sherry Turkle: A Personal Analysis

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We tend to rant to non-responsive objects, like dogs or cats. Are we more comfortable ranting to non-responsive objects, because they don't judge how or what we feel, and they can't comment verbally. Then it's easier to make up something we would want them to say or would like to hear from someone else. Sherry Turkle argues we do not have category confusions about our pets, and some people tend to be are more comfortable talking to robots than another human being. After doing some research of my own, I do agree, that it's might not be easier to talk to a robot that's built to please you and only you.
Sherry Turkle is an MIT psychology professor who argues in 2011 Alone Together: People are more comfortable with being around a robot and talking to them about personal issues and their families. As well people are more capable of higher standard of care that comes with empathy. One of Turkle's subject, Jonathan seventy-four, former computer
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but things that aren't strictly private, I would enjoy more talking to a person... Because if the thing is very highly private and very personal, it might be embarrassing to talk about it to another person, and I might be ridiculed for it... and it [My Real Baby] wouldn't criticize me...Or, let's say that I wanted to blow off steam... [I could] express with the computer emotions that I feel I could not express with another person, to a person."(112). The way that Jonathan feels, is similar to the way another on of Turkle subjects feel, Anna who is forty-five who owns three cats, states, "what you say to your pet helps you think aloud, but

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