Experiment 60 Experiment

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In all of my years of public schooling, I have never written about one subject for so many times. With the past few drafts, I realized that zoology is slightly more complex than what people would imagine. As you would expect with zoology, people study the structure, habits, and evolution of all animals, both non-living and living. Animal-related careers, whether it is a zookeeper or a researcher, may seem simple, but a person needs key traits such as extreme patience, passion, and alertness.
I honestly believe that patience is possibly the most important aspect when working with animals. As when all may know, animals cannot communicate with humans in the same way that human communicate with other humans. Therefore, we may not always know how
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Experiment 60 is entitled “Fast for a while”, and as one may assume, the text focuses on abstaining from eating for 12 to 36 hours. Many people would find this experiment to be simplistic because they may frequently abstain from eating for personal or religious reasons. For Muslims, fasting for 30 days during Ramadan is a central part of their religious practice. For many other people, fasting is done as a means of dieting of cleansing the body of toxins. As for me, fasting would be the ultimate challenge due to the fact that I tend to eat small portions of food about every four hours. Food gives people the energy to do everyday activities, and without food, it would be difficult to function correctly or concentrate. So, without eating for an entire day and a half, going to classes would be ten times harder than it already is. Not only would abstaining for food require a vast amount of willpower, but it would also require patience. When fasting, a person has to be patient in order to refrain from eating, and zoologists, or anyone working with animals, has to be patient with animals in order to successfully complete their …show more content…
A vast amount of people can relate to this experiment. As the time states, the experiment challenges a person to rant about anyone or anything that has caused you discomfort or displeasure for ten minutes; however, you are not directly ranting to somebody, you are ranting to yourself in your own space. I know a good amount of people that could benefit from this experiment. Everybody needs an outlet, and screaming and cursing out loud where nobody can hear you can be an ideal release. The other alternative would be to scream and become aggressive with whatever or whomever hurt you, and that may not end nicely. Anyhow, with ranting, the person who is ranting usually feels intensely passionate about what he or she is ranting about. Whether someone is ranting about political views, social issues, or an incompetent professor, if they are willing to dedicate ten or more minutes on that one topic, then they feel passionate about it. The passion that a person has when ranting about a certain topic can equate to the passion that someone has when working with animals. Usually, when obtaining a career that involves working with animals, a six-figure paycheck does not come along with it unless you are a veterinarian; so, many people go into this field because of their passion to enhance the wellbeing of an animal, or to

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