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  • Examples Of Early Childhood Observation

    Childhood Observation I completed my observation on Friday, October 7th. My observation took place at Forest Park Jr/Sr. High School in Ferdinand, Indiana. I went to this school because it is the school I attended for junior high and high school. Since we are a smaller town and do not have as many kids, our junior high school is in the same building as our high school. I walked into Mrs. Hawkins seventh grade math class. I planned on starting my observation at 8:00 am which is when school…

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  • Caged Bird By Maya Angelou: Poem Analysis

    “Caged Bird,” by Maya Angelou Maya Angelou, a poet, a writer, a mother, and a victim of rape. (Philadelphia Tribune). Maya Angelou was raped by her mother's boyfriend, was a single mother at the age of seventeen, and was bullied because of her skin color. (Suzette A., Henke). Maya Angelou has wrote many books and poems throughout her life. Maya Angelou often binds in her emotionally disturbing childhood to her work, and even though Maya Angelou had a traumatizing childhood, her books and poetry…

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  • Communication Culture In The Workplace

    Like our textbook suggested, the communication culture at the plant was multifaceted and multilayered. It was different for each shift. It was different for each level of management, i.e. production versus plant. This was evident in the way employees behave around each other. The supervisors did not seem to want to dedicate time to listen so people didn’t really speak. The second shift supervisor, because he was willing to listen, had people talking even when it wasn’t asked for. Around the…

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  • Controversy Of Friends

    “Uh, um” that is how I commonly end up when I talk to new people. I often use different tone and language when talking to a distinct type of person. My words vary, I may get stumbled up, or even make snarly comments. All of that depends on the type of person I talk to. I talk separately to my friends, through text, new people, my father, and my family. The first group of people is my friends. When I am with my friends, I am usually free and do not feel constrained. I often joke a great deal and…

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  • How Did My First Job Change My Life

    Who knew getting my first job would change my life dramatically, I didn’t, but I could not be happier that I got the job I got and what came out of it, and what continues to come out of it. I don’t think I could of asked for a better first job. The summer between my junior and senior year of high school was spent by applying to job, after job, after job. With the unfortunate event of none of them ever getting back to me with good or bad news. At around my third online application of hearing…

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  • Personal Narrative: Prof. Greg Walton's Colloquium Talk

    The Second RER I decided to take was to attend a special event. The Event I went to was Prof. Greg Walton 's colloquium talk. When I went on wednesday, march 26 we were having some trouble broadcasting the live talk. The teacher eventually decided that the best course of action to do was to get everyone 's last four digits of their school ID and she then sent us home. Those who wrote their name and placed their last four digits got an email that contained the the link to the recording of Prof.…

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  • Personal Narrative: Poppie And My Grandfather

    Long story short me and my grandfather (whom I call Poppie) are very close. Poppie lives in East Brunswick, and has for the great majority of conscious life. My relation to Poppie comes from my mom’s side of the family; Poppie is my mom’s father. My mom passed away when I was nine years old, so suffice it to say, me and Poppie consequently have a somewhat unique relationship. I talk about just about everything with Poppie, however for whatever reason our conversations have a way of becoming…

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  • M My Grandmother's Life Narrative

    experienced was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Her generation may all bond over that experience because they were alive when it occurred. This theory of a personality life narrative is that individuals form an identity by putting their life experiences into an internalized, story of themselves. This provides the person with a sense of unity and purpose in life. A life narrative reflects on their reconstructed past, present time and imagined future. It tends to seem like a story. This…

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  • Sample Student Observation

    For my shadow study, I observed a student from 8-12 at Metcalf Laboratory School. This student had short brown hair, was wearing a gray sweatshirt, and was smaller than his peers. The first class that the student attended was Health, and since the class was still relatively new due to it being a new quarter, he seemed to be adjusting well. At the beginning of class, the student was attentive, and as I was paying attention, I noticed that he enjoyed talking to his peer who sat next to him. The…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Family Culture

    It’s another holiday celebrated with my extended family from across the country. We are a talkative and outgoing family that can get into some pretty heated conversations, especially the conversation about the new residents in town. The conversation was heading in a negative directions so this is when I had to step in, take a look at how I spoke up and turned the conversation into a new direction with new perspectives for my family to think about. My family kept going on and on about how the…

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