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  • Week 2 English Language Reflection Paper

    Journal #5 Riley Parsley said “um” a lot and did not have good pronunciation or talk loud enough. I could not understand him at times and he did not have good posture. He explained the process of becoming a game warden well and he was talking to the audience, but he did not express his transitions clearly. Heather said “um” and “stuff like that” a lot. In the beginning of her speech she was banging on the podium which was distracting. I think her transitions were rushed but she clearly stated…

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  • Friendship Revision

    The Web of Friendship Revision Friendship is imperative to us; it impacts our lives and shapes our character. However, there is a misconception regarding what friendship really is. When people are asked about their best friend, they instantly envision someone they live close to, or a classmate at school. However, not all friendships are so easily fabricated. In fact, my best friend lives in Massachusetts, and we’ve never met face-to-face. My first exposure to the internet came with a stern…

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  • Mere Christianity Chapter Summary

    Book three of Mere Christianity includes twelve chapters that all relate to human Behavior. Chapter one discusses the three parts of mortality. The three parts of mortality, defined by C.S. Lewis are harmony among people, cleaning up the harmony within the individual, and the purpose of life for a human being. Chapter two addresses the Cardinal Virtues which are prudence, temperance, justice and fortitude. Chapter three talks about social morality, and within this chapter he touches on the…

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  • Siblings: A Short Story

    Exactly 17 months and 15 days ago, I left my siblings behind in Springfield, Oregon to move all the way to Flint, Michigan. At the time, Emylee, my sister, was only 7 and Trevon, my brother, was 9. After we moved out here, I met my mom’s boyfriend’s children, Whitney, Logan, and Jacob. Whitney was the oldest, at 20, Logan was the same age as me, 15, and Jacob was 12. I was slightly weary of them at first, I was a little bitter with having to leave my family behind for this new one, but I grew to…

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  • Cultural Interview Paper

    Introduction I originally was going to interview a girl from Singapore for this paper, but I had to go back home and I was not able to talk with her after all. So while I was back in my home town I interviewed a girl I went to school with, and for the sake of the paper I am going to refer to her as Sally. Before interviewing Sally I knew how our physical appearances differed, but I didn’t realize how culturally different we were. Understanding Others Sally is different from me in number of…

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  • Anonymous Meeting Observation

    One of the meetings I went to observe took place at Celebration Lutheran Church on 8725 W. Olive Ave at 5:30 on February 15. The name of the Alcohol Anonymous group was Celebrate Homecoming. At this meeting there were not a lot of people that showed up, there was seven people including myself. Within this group there was mostly males and two females that were present. The ages of the people in the group were mostly older like their late 40s and 50s, but there were to gentlemen present that were…

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  • Personal Narrative: Growing Up Without A Father Figure

    We often hear people saying that growing up without a father figure can be bad to a child. However, I never saw it that way. When I was a year and a half old, my father had decided to migrate to the United States, and leave his family and everything else behind him. His willingness to provide a better future for his family was far stronger than anything else. Growing up I remember asking my mother when will he be back. At that time there was no, telephones or instant mailing system to keep a…

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  • Ambiguous Loss And The Family Grieving Process

    Betz, Gabrielle, and Jill M. Thorngren. "Ambiguous Loss and the Family Grieving Process." The Family Journal 14.4 (2006): 359-65. Web. This article talks about ambiguous grief and how it compares to traditional loss. Ambitious loss can be many things such as a miscarriage, a family member has Alzheimer’s disease, or losing custody of a child. Ambitious loss means there is no closure or clear understanding of what is happened/happening to a family member. This type of closure has a…

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  • Fear In Tell-Tale Heart And Masque Of Red Death

    In life we experience the helpfulness and harmfulness fear has to offer. Fear can help us survive by making us careful and awake. Although this is useful, you start to obsess over the object that is causing you fear. You then become paranoid and unable to enjoy life. Many people experience fear different ways whether it be in a positive or negative way. In Poe’s short stories he demonstrates how all main characters experience fear but handle it differently. Poe uses symbolism, irony, and…

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  • Honor In Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

    Norm’s false claims (Fountain 278,279). Norm did not care at all about the soldiers; he exploited the heroic soldier’s narrative to attempt to cheat them out of money for his own personal gain. Throughout the novel Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk the public honored soldiers numerous times, and while occasionally these events had good intentions,…

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