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  • Class Inequality

    When talking about inequality there are many things that contribute to this issue. I would argue that the central mechanism that perpetrates inequality is stereotypes. There are many different types of them and so I think it is important to talk about most of them. Without stereotypes I would argue that we wouldn’t have to worry about inequality in society because no one would be judging other and we wouldn’t have people who think that they are better then others or have more resources then…

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  • Role Play In Social Work

    This role play was very helpful in establishing my own style because my client was unlike any other client I have had before. This client was very energetic and talkative. For example, when we started the session I started with the “hello, how are you?” and before I could even finish my sentence my client goes into her rambling, for a lack of better words, about how “it’s really good to see me again and [how she] has so much to talk about this week.” She then continues for about the next two…

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  • All Quiet On The Western Front: Character Analysis

    The characters in all quiet on the western front were significantly changed by going out to the war and sting and feeling everything they felt. The characters changed and became totally different people, so different that it could be difficult it would be hard for anyone to recognize them on a personal level. I personally have had an experience that has changed me drastically. This was something that literally changed my life and my outlook on life. For a precursor, I will just explain…

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  • Uncertainty Reduction Theory

    5. The uncertainty reduction theory does is what kind of makes us start the process of the social penetration model. The theory suggests that when we see someone, we are want to get to know them and that’s what makes us start a conversation. Which is the begging of the social penetration model. We first notice the person and then we start a conversation with them and then we start to get to know them. 6. Where I work at, there is this new girl, she seems like a very nice girl. So I kind of…

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  • Personal Narrative: How I Coming To America

    How I came to America I went to my friend’s house for a party to celebrate our graduation of school. There were two people there that I had never met before. I didn’t know who they were. The thing that was different about them is that they were speaking English, so I knew they were Americans. They sat down by me at the table and we started talking using gestures and I showed them my phone and the pictures on it. I liked them when I met them, but I didn’t know yet that they wanted to adopt…

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  • Existentialism Catcher In The Rye

    Existentialism elements can be seen in the novel through the movement of the Europeans. Adding to this it also was part of the WW2 existentialism has been part of the world since time bck. In The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, you can see existentialist elements by how he displays Holden's difficulties throughout the novel as he grew up in his transition from childhood to adolescents. Throughout the novel he portrayed himself through isolation as he always wanted to be alone.As seen in…

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  • Courage-Personal Narrative

    Courage The cool, February air chills up my body as I walk with a smile plastered across my face. Life was good-- 8th grade was a time where nothing was too challenging, nor too simple. This was a time where days would move by slowly, weeks would fly by easily, and months zipped by at light speed. However, this all changed when one day I was just sitting in my bed studying for an upcoming history test, and a name popped up across my screen: *Zach. Something about Zach calling was peculiar, he…

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  • God Of Carnage Monologue

    The play God of Carnage is about two set of parents meeting together to discuss their children’s actions. In the beginning of the story you hear about two boys named Bruno and Ferdinand and Ferdinand ends up hitting Bruno with a stick. The injure from the stick hitting in the mouth caused two chip two teeth and spit his lip. The parents are brought together to discuss if Ferdinand understands what he has done to Bruno. Is not all they talk about in this gathering. The parents start talking…

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  • Essay On Middle School Observation

    Today we woke up early to go sing at the Middle School in Neustiff. We performed in a gym but they had set it up nicely in order to accommodate us. We got a much better reaction from the kids. As I mentioned in my last note, we had noticed that this headmaster was much more welcoming then the last one, so that was reflected with the kids too. After we preformed our concert I was able to talk with a teacher who said that they were never expecting us to preform so well. This was very nice to hear.…

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  • Common Ground Social Needs

    In order to fulfill the requirements of this paper, I attended a ministry called Common Ground. Common Ground is an after-school mentoring program for underprivileged children in kindergarten through fifth grade that reside here in Waxahachie, Texas. This ministry has volunteers that help the children with their homework, includes a reading program to help the children become better readers and improve their comprehension skills, and allows the volunteers to spend one-on-one time with the…

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