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  • Influence Of Radios In The 1950's And Today

    The Italian inventor, Guglielmo Marconi, made the radio and was able to send and receive radio signals in nineteen sixteen. Radios had become an important technological advances that positively affected society (Taylor. Pg.5). The radio impacted many lives in the past and today. The greatest impact radios had in life was during the Great Depression. Without radios, the United States would have been socially and economically behind because of the Great Depression in the late nineteen twenties and…

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  • The Effects Of Deregulation And Digital Technology On The Radio Industry

    The first appearance of speech and music on the radio occurred in December 1906 (Gazi, Starkey & Jedrejewski, 2011), since then the radio industry has constantly been redeveloping in an attempt to keep up with new media and improve its ability to be a source of information and entertainment. Digital technologies have provided radio with the tools to radically change the way we produce and consume content in New Zealand’s modern radio industry. This essay will go into detail on the technological…

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  • Essay On Indecency

    over what is labeled as indecent and what is not, thus causing a “freezing effect” on cable and broadcast networks. The problem is that the Commission is in charge of enforcing these prohibitions by means of radio communications. Historically, this was interpreted to apply only to radio and…

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  • Materialism In The 1920s Essay

    Fortunately, for the game of baseball and for the American people, in 1921, radio stations began broadcasting baseball games to the American people who could not be at the ballpark, whether it was a financial matter, if the venue was sold out, or if the people were simply unable to make it in time to see the game. American economic prosperity of the 1920s, along with the growth of materialism, beneficially affected both the radio and Major League Baseball, which beneficially affected each other…

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  • Jazz Influence On African American Culture

    New technology showed people how to make their lives easier. The introduction of commercial radio changed how people could receive music and news. The radio gave people access to a wide variety of music (Jazz par. 2). Cars were being produced quicker and cheaper by the invention of the assembly line. This made cars affordable for the middle class (Jazz par. 5). Cars, radios, appliances, and telephones became common household items (Jazz par. 4). Another thing that technology changed were movies.…

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  • Gangbusters Research Paper

    The primary sources that have been compiled are episodes for the radio show and the television show, newspaper articles, ratings of the show, and writings about “Gangbusters” at that time. My secondary sources include a variety of texts from historians such as Hal Erickson, Robert L. Mott, and Jim Harmon. Many of the…

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  • Why Is Donald Trump A Good President

    when the Vatican is attacked, the Pope would only wish and have prayed that Donald Trump would have been elected president”. How is a man who has made a bad impression and is being laughed at by the world expected to be taken seriously concerning international affairs? A man who just as a candidate has managed to insult and bully important people from other countries over social media. Trump needs to realize that being a president is not like reality t.v . How you conduct yourself and how you…

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  • Siriusxm Porter's 5 Forces Analysis

    competition within the areas of rivalry, barriers to entry, bargaining powers of suppliers and buyers, and the threat of substitutes. For SiriusXM to remain competitive within the radio broadcast industry, they must carefully monitor and address each of these forces. Rivalry Intensity – (Strong). Rivalry within the radio broadcast industry is a strong force, as many options are available to consumers. Whether it is online/streaming or terrestrial broadcasting, large competitors such as, iheart…

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  • Migrant Media Analysis

    Berlin-broadcasted radio stations, Kosnick began working as a journalist for one of them in the early 90s; the name of this station was Radio Multikulti. Her work experience here instantly brings value and layering to her writing, as she is able to see migrant media from an insider’s perspective. In contrast to other stations in Berlin, it is Radio Multikulti’s mission to air voices with accents, so Kosnick closely examines how this relates to perceptions of voice. To give immigrants a voice on…

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  • My Passions: The Emergence Of Modern Media Technology

    was listened to through CDs, cassettes and the radio. My mother Raj, a woman who grew up in the 60s, recalls, “during [her] childhood much of the music that [she] was exposed to came from the radio (Tewathia, 2014).” Today, I am able to access millions of songs from thousands of artists all at the convenience of a super computer I keep in my pocket, while my mother had to tune in and listen to whatever content was being funneled through the limited radio stations she could…

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