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  • Argumentative Essay On Fundamental Arts Funding

    creativity and self expression among school aged students. In today’s society, a person has a greater chance of being seen as less intelligent while being involved in arts programs than a person would if they were involved in something pertaining to math or science. It has become less socially acceptable to be involved in arts programs that use up a large amount of money such as choir, band or theater; thus causing it to be removed from school over the years. Few schools tend to look at the…

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  • Franz Schubert's Musical Style

    Etudes No. 1 in D Minor, No.2 in E minor, No.3 in C minor and No.4 in C minor passionate impulsive, rough, flexible, whimsical, full of antitheses and contrast images. Gentle thrill of harmonious trills suddenly gives way to a rapid flow of the music. The music of these etudes sounds like a thoughtful, sincere song. Simple one-color harmony and bass emphasize the flavor of…

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  • MFAA Scholarship Essay

    experience and my abilities are still shaky, music continues to be a big part of my life. Joining choir was a big deal for me because I never thought of being in choir as an option, I was always more academically focused. In choir I met two of my closest friend and made countless others. I was introduced to so many things that I never even knew existed and I am grateful for that. Being in the choir room everyday gave me a new sense of confidence…

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  • The Importance Of Art And Music Education

    ongoing argument about whether or not art and music education programs are important for the fate of America’s youth. Numerous schools have already taken the “necessary” measures to cut art and music programs all-together. Many argue that the fine arts distract students from their basic core academics, but research suggests that being part of at least one fine art program improves the overall classroom education. Therefore, receiving credit in an art or music class should be required for high…

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  • Becoming A Band Director Essay

    I prepare for graduation from high school and pursue my goal of becoming a band director, I realize that I have at least six years of academics left to achieve my goal. During the next six years, I intend to obtain not only a bachelor’s degree in Music Education but a master's degree as well. I initially plan to attend the University of Arkansas at Monticello. After obtaining my masters, I shall pursue my doctorate from the University of Texas. I am applying for this scholarship to help…

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  • Fine Arts In Schools

    schools across the country. There is a plethora of causes for the devastating loss of fine art programs, but most tie into the fact that there isn’t enough money to support the demands required for every student. Over several years fine arts have been cut almost 80%, thus depriving children of expressing themselves and their ideas (10 Studies). Sports programs haven’t faced a massive cut like the fine arts programs because sports teams are able to raise funds from sports games when charging for…

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  • Korean Arts Teacher

    only provides limited arts curriculum in schools, for example music and visual arts and these classes were often cancelled due to the preparation for exams. However, I was fortunate to grow up in the family where my parents enjoyed various form of arts. As a child, my family often went to art exhibitions, musicals, concerts and festivals where I gained some knowledge and understanding of a range of arts. In addition to this, I undertook music lessons including piano, flute and Korean traditional…

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  • Music Makes You Smarter Essay

    Music has been an importance presence for humankind since the beginning. It has changed and morphed the lives of millions of people throughout existence. With great music, there has to be a great music educator somewhere along the way. Whether a passionate parent or a caring community member notices talent and decides to seek it in an individual. Music education is a very important part of the world, and without the teachers involved it would be hard to accomplish much in the way of music today.…

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  • Banning Music In Schools

    Music is the everything to communities worldwide. Music sparks creativity but, now in schools systems ,such as my own, music is becoming banned in classrooms and in halls. However, the problem in classrooms is not the music it is the outside distraction like people talking. Banning music in schools is not only an injustice to the students but also to their work ethic. To gain the focus of young people- especially in subjects that are considered irrelevant, teachers need to use something that…

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  • Classical Music Persuasive Speech

    their own inner grove, you can be pretty much certain that it’s not classical music they’re listening to. Teenagers I know can enthusiastically rattle off the name of a dozen bands on their current favorite playlist, but ask them if they know who Brahms was and a funny kind of glazed look comes over their eyes. Even my music students, who I’d hope would know better, are astonishingly unknowledgeable about classical music, and if they don’t even know the names of these composer, you’d better…

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