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  • The Importance Of Music Education In Schools

    could happen through formal teacher instruction. Music being taught in schools can help two ways. It can create an appreciation for music and help the students form their own type of music which they identify with. The students musical identity can be developed through processes such as performance and academic study. The goal of music education is to produce strong musicians who are able to not only perform, but create and analyze music. Music in our schools is important not only to the…

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  • Should Fine Arts Courses Be A Necessary Part Of Student's Education

    Should Fine Arts Courses be a Necessary Part of Student’s Education? (The Debate of Required Fine Arts Courses for a Student’s Proper Education) In America, it is debated that art, dance, and music should be a part of a student’s education. The people who argue that fine arts should be a part of a student’s education think that the student would benefit from it because these studies would improve the student’s creativity and thinking, which could make them better at their other core classes.…

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  • Creating Philosophical Affliction: Music In Education

    Philosophical Affliction: Music and the Problems in American Education For decades, fine arts has been the first victim to be pushed out of the door in the American School system. Children need music in their life this is a bold statement. But in America the budget cuts are due to; the economics lack of money with the fine arts falling first to be cut in the United States and goes on the “not needed list.” in education. Music is needed in schools because it 's a proven fact that music and…

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  • Direct Teaching Disadvantages

    Teachers in this program integrated creative drama with ELL learners in English Language Arts classroom. Brouillette interviewed 24 teachers who participated in this study and got feedbacks from them. Through teachers’ description of the impact of drama-based lessons, Brouillette…

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  • My Reflection On The Fresno State Concert

    concert at eight in the evening in the Fresno State concert hall. The following will cover a review of the program as well as my point of view and reflection. I was expecting to see Christmas decorations or instruments decorated since it states on the bulletin “winter Jazz concert” but I was wrong once I saw the pamphlet. The reasons why I thought that was because the last time I attended a winter music concert a while ago I’ve seen those things. I was really nervous once I got into the…

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  • Cultural Dance Review

    decent and they performed traditional Balinese dances accompanied by traditional music. There were also traditional instrument performances during the show. This show had a lot of different components to it that pertained to…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Fundamental Arts Funding

    creativity and self expression among school aged students. In today’s society, a person has a greater chance of being seen as less intelligent while being involved in arts programs than a person would if they were involved in something pertaining to math or science. It has become less socially acceptable to be involved in arts programs that use up a large amount of money such as choir, band or theater; thus causing it to be removed from school over the years. Few schools tend to look at the…

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  • Lefrak Concert Reflection

    all together). There was a woman in the center of the stage who played a cello, and her musical role seemed to be very important because she was dressed in a nice dress, unlike the usual black outfit the performers usually wear. The title of the program notes is “Life, Loss, and Death”, and I can see how the three pieces chosen…

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  • Marching Band Benefits

    in numbers does not constitute the amount of musicians there are in the nation, let alone the world. Many musically inclined individuals begin to prosper in high school band, which then leads to the overall passion for music. Aside from this passion, being involved in such programs has additional benefits to the musician. The variety of bands, such as concert, jazz, and marching, can collectively influence what these benefits…

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  • Franz Schubert's Musical Style

    Etudes No. 1 in D Minor, No.2 in E minor, No.3 in C minor and No.4 in C minor passionate impulsive, rough, flexible, whimsical, full of antitheses and contrast images. Gentle thrill of harmonious trills suddenly gives way to a rapid flow of the music. The music of these etudes sounds like a thoughtful, sincere song. Simple one-color harmony and bass emphasize the flavor of…

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