Musical Arts Essay

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The musical arts program is typically viewed as a collection of groups, usually band, chorus, and strings whom’s members are classified as any synonym for weird. The musical arts are seen as a waste of money and time that could be spent obtaining a “proper” education. Although some unfortunately view the musical arts in this way, those involved in the program get to make memorable moments with a second family. Musical arts programs across the nation allow and help students to be creative, improve grades and inspire self confidence even though they are underappreciated and are thought to be a waste of a school career. Musicians and singers are constantly studying notes, rhythms, and pitches which allow an increase in the levels of memory, IQ, language development and brain interpretations. Source A explains that Psychology professor, E. Glenn Schellenberg, at the University of Toronto at …show more content…
Although well planned according to parents, after school concerts typically do not attract students because concerts occur after normal school hours and some non-arts students can not return back to see what talent is in their school. If each program had even at least one in school concert annually, the student body would see that band, strings, and chorus is actually made up of greatly talented musical students. Furthermore, the musical arts programs have low interest rates, creating a domino effect: low interest in arts programs, low interest in successfully competing in a state competition, and the failing of the program. To increase interest, musical programs could incorporate a unique performance, such as another state or an amusement park. If the drive to join arts organizations strengthened, success rates would increase, making a more positive musical

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