The Importance Of Music Education In Schools

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I believe, as a teacher, that all students should have the opportunity to explore and develop themselves as musicians. This could happen through formal teacher instruction. Music being taught in schools can help two ways. It can create an appreciation for music and help the students form their own type of music which they identify with. The students musical identity can be developed through processes such as performance and academic study. The goal of music education is to produce strong musicians who are able to not only perform, but create and analyze music. Music in our schools is important not only to the students, but to them as individuals. Every student deserves the opportunity to receive a proper education in music. The students, regardless of their ability in music, should receive experience music education. I strongly believe that an educator who has a degree …show more content…
The student in my classroom would learn not only the basics of music but also know how to read a staff, and carry a melodic and rhythmic tune. The students should have a better understanding of what the concept is after we are done with class for the day. We would explore different music genre and music from different cultures. Music education can be conducted in schools or at music studios outside of school.
A child’s musical experience begins when they are at home with their parents. But music education in the school should start when the student first enrolls. When students are in elementary school, they should learn the fundamentals of music. Such as telling the difference between tempo, knowing the note on the staff and the values of the rhythmic dictation. Then as they progress through their school years they should learn the different types of genres and styles. This will introduce the students to music from all over the world which will open their minds to world as a

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