Benefits Of Music Education

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Victor Hugo once said "music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." The ability to play an instrument is such a beautiful outlet to get emotions out and to let your creative juices flow. Music is such a huge factor in many people 's life, and the happiness it bring, should be spread to as many people as possible. It lets people express themselves as freely as they can; there are no limitations to what they can play. Who is better to give to than our future, the kids? Music education has been getting cut in too many school districts. This is the opposite direction that we should be heading in. The children should be encouraged to learn how to play an instrument and read notes, and they should be given …show more content…
We already have a decent size music education program spread across the country, but not every area has an equal opportunity at this privilege. This must change, so all kids of all backgrounds have the same opportunity to learn how to play an instrument and read music. Some kids live in extremely polar environments at their home and school, so music would be a great outlet for all kids to release stress, enjoy themselves and improve their developmental skills dealing with music and outside of the classroom. I don 't believe in today 's society that kids of all backgrounds and areas have the same opportunities to learn how to play an instrument. Kids that are from a more affluent socioeconomic status have away more of an opportunity to learn an instrument. African-Americans who grow up in poverty are the least likely to have an opportunity to learn an instrument, and that is depressing because some of the greatest musicians were African-American and came out of poverty such as Louis Armstrong. Another benefit of playing music, is that it keeps kids busy while they are in and outside of school. This would decrease the chance of them getting into trouble, or hanging out with the wrong crowd; which is always a great thing for the youth. Money can be raised to provide for these blossoming kids, so that they have all of the materials they need to learn and progress with the music. Offering this benefit at a younger age would increase the growth and chance the kids earn a scholarship. All of the extra requirements would not cause any harm to students that aren 't interested; they would just have to work harder in a course just like a student that wasn 't interested in history would have to work harder. The vision is to have children from all types of backgrounds have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, or to practice

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