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  • Essay On Haemocompatibility

    1 – Introduction Haemocompatibility is an evaluation of the effects of medical devices on blood and the blood components which they come in contact with. It confers to a set of properties that indicate the ability of the material to come in contact with the blood without resulting in adverse reactions. In terms of regulatory requirements, the material is tested in relation to 5 main test categories: Thrombus Coagulation Platelets Haematology Immunology Problems with haemocompatibility…

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  • Vitamin A Research Paper

    Vitamin A Vitamin A plays a critical role in assuring normal vision and immune function, as well as gene expression and growth (Lukaski, 2004). Vitamin A takes its active form as retinol, which we typically get from foods from animals, such as eggs, liver, dairy products, and fish oil (Benardot, 2006). Beta carotene has been established as a precursor for vitamin A, so consuming foods rich in this carotenoid is another way to obtain vitamin A in the diet (Benardot, 2006). This discussion…

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  • High Blood Pressure Case Study

    High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a condition in which the force of the blood against the artery walls is high enough that it can eventually cause health problems. When the heart beats, is crates pressure that pushes blood through the arteries. Blood pressure is the result of this “push”, or force. There are two forces; one occurs when the blood pumps out of the heart and into the arteries and the second occurs as the heart rests between beats. These two forces each represent the numbers…

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  • Hypertension: A Case Study

    Hypertension can be defined as persistent continuous raise of both diastolic and systolic pressures. Any systolic pressure of 140 mm Hg and a diastolic of 90 mm Hg and above is regarded as hypertension. For one to make a diagnosis of hypertension three different readings need to be obtained in different settings (Bothe, 2014). This paper discusses hypertension as a disorder and its process when it affects someone, its relation to the HFSON conceptual framework including the integration of the…

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  • Cardiovascular System Lab Report

    experiment was to show how the cardiovascular system is affected by reclining or standing position and light exercise. The average reclining systolic pressure is 116.2 mmHg, and the average standing systolic pressure is 115.9 mmHg. The standard deviation for reclining systolic pressure was 8.2, and the standard deviation for standing systolic pressure is 12.3. The average reclining heart rate is 69.1 beats per minute, and the average standing heart rate is 82.9 beats per minute. The standard…

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  • Myopia Case Studies

    as the eyes are most comfortable switching between various focal distances and light complexities. Chris’ eyes will be under extreme strain due to her age and slowly degrading eye functionality, as well as the constant use of a digital screen. The pressure on the eye from an iPad screen is due to the screens fixated distance, which is not encouraging the activity of the eye. Two sets of muscles work in synergy to establish an adequate focus on objects, the first set converges the eyes to the…

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  • Unintended Consequences Of Global Warming

    Humans are an incredible race of species compared to the rest of the animal kingdom on our Earth. We have the ability to manipulate our environment to our advantage: we build skyscrapers and cities, we mine out entire mountains, and we also dam up rivers. This power to shape the world in new ways is a gift of our intelligence, but with any great power such as this there is the potential for unintended consequences. We can shape the whole world to our purpose, but what if doing so were changing…

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  • Positive Peer Pressure

    rather than family. During this stage of life peer pressure can be a challenge in most individuals. Although, many think of peer pressure as a negative aspect of life, it can have many positive effects like positive peer association; as well as empathy and social initiative. There are two types of peer pressure, one being direct and the other being indirect peer association. They both play a huge part when it comes to positive peer pressure. In order to identify how these play a factor…

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  • Sample Case Study In Nursing Case Paper

    I1. You walk into Anna’s room and on initial assessment you found Anna is restless. The patient care tech just finished doing the vital signs on Anna and handed over it to you; BP: 170/84 mm Hg Pulse: 122 beats/minute Respirations: 40/minute Pulse Oximetry: 96% on the BiPAP Oral Temperature: 98.6F (Her last ABG done 30 minutes before shows pH of 7.38, Pco2 of 40, Po2 of 110, and HCo3 of 24) Anna is found restless, pulling on to the mask trying to remove it and the patient care tech is…

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  • Amlodipine: A Case Study

    1. Amlodipine is a medication used to lower blood pressure and prevent chest pain. It belongs to a group of medications known as long acting dihydropyridine-type calcium channel blockers. Amlodipine widen the blood vessels and improves blood flow. Widening of these blood vessels lowers blood pressure. In angina, amlodipine increases blood flow to the heart muscle to relieve pain due to angina. (WHO, 2013). Amlodipine was discovered by a research team lead by Simon Campbell and created by the…

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