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  • Powerpoint Presentation Design

    time comes, it is of the utmost importance to have an effective and clear presentation that defies the general occurrence of “your audience will mentally check out of your next PowerPoint presentation after about 10 minutes” (Gallo, 2014, para. 1). So, the question is, what makes for an effective presentation and does different settings and audiences require a variance in the presentation design? Within this paper, a presentation done by David JP Phillips, from the Swedish firm,…

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  • What Are My Personal Goals And Aspirations

    Purpose and Aspirations My initial and only purpose when I enrolled into the course was to be a more competent presenter in delivering business presentations, but little did I knew I will achieve so much more than this. In the first day of class, we were told to list down the characteristics of our ideal persona, a projection of our aspired self. When I was asked this question, only one person came to mind, Jenn Im, a YouTuber that creates her content around fashion and lifestyle. She has the…

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  • Analysis Of Edward Tufte's Persuasive Article: Powerpoint Communication

    Tufte discusses the ineffective method of using electronic powerpoint (PP) presentations to relay information to a crowd. The audience for Tufte’s article consists of individuals immersed in technological communication. The author utilizes the visual elements of font color, underlining, italicizing, and font size as a way to visually convey his message. Tufte aims to persuade readers to agree that powerpoint presentations drastically decrease the amount of knowledge and stimulating interaction…

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  • America's Greatest Threat Analysis

    listened and evaluated Myers’ presentation, I noticed many qualities of a good speaker, but I also noticed flaws in Myers’ presenting…

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  • Violence Intervention Case Study

    year, totaling to 4 presentations a year with the PTO members. Reviewing similar information 4 times a year will reinforce it, and shows that youth violence has a high level of importance. The PTO members are required to attend all the meetings so they would be attending all of…

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  • Pros And Cons Of An Outside Speaker Critique

    Merchandising at ULine. Andrew’s presentation took about an hour or so. Andrew Goltra was a very good speaker, but there was definitely some room for improvement based off what I have learned about with presentation best practices. I could have a long list of both good and bad aspects during his presentation, but for the sake of this assignment I’m going to focus on five aspects from his speech that involved both good and bad practices. The pros of Andrew Goltra’s presentation include: how he…

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  • Occupational Stress Reflection Paper

    Overtime, I could feel the pressure lighten and I could finally envision the lovely happily ever after of this story. Assignments got easier and presentations felt so much better. This transformation makes me thankful for every moment that I felt as if my back was against the wall and there was no escape. One of the most demanding presentation assignments I had, obviously coming from one of my hardest courses, involved choosing an article and creating a…

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  • Power Point Presentation Essay

    disseminating information to the class. According to my notes of our phone conversation you asserted that Mr. York has neglected to integrate power point presentations into the classroom experience after expressing at the start of the term that he would do so. I did speak with Mr. York, and he stated that he has never used power point presentations as a means of communicating information to his students. It his contention that he did not state that he would. His position is corroborated by…

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  • My Reflection On Group Work

    This made it tough for our group to have the consistent weekly meetings we envisioned because it was hard to find a meeting time that fit everyone’s schedule. To combat this, we created shared online google documents to complete the powerpoint presentation and paper. This made it more efficient because whenever a group member had time, he or she could work on the project. While this virtual environment made it somewhat…

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  • Reflective Essay On Group Presentation

    Throughout the year, as a class we have been given many different challenges in either the form of an essay, speech, or group presentation. The final assignment given to us was a group project presentation. From growing up in an age filled with technology, I have come to love projects that revolve around making some form of a PowerPoint presentation. This PowerPoint though, was both difficult and interesting for the reasons of being assigned group members not of my own choosing, learning to…

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