Observation Of Ted Talk

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He began talking how h drug using data that he was gather from Google search and other different data that was available. He also conducted an experiment with one of his student at that time which they had three different groups of mic. They gave one group one drug, second one group both drug, and they didn’t give the third group anything. In result they found out that the group that were taking two medication together showed different side effects than the group that was taking only one drug at time. Throughout the presentation he used different techniques to keep his audience attention. As I mentioned before he asked the audience questions to keep them thinking about the topic. He stated the three reasons why he wants to do more research on this topic. He added personal stories that happened to some of individual that he knew. And he kept in his hand two-description bottle through out the whole presentation to continuously remain the audience about what he was talking about.
10 ways to have a better conversation by Celeste Headlee
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She was the Midwest correspondent for NRI, also anchored election coverage for PBS world in 2012. She has B.A in vocal performance. This ted talk video is the one that I learned the most from. She began with asking the audience how many of them unfriended someone because they said something offensive about politics or even food they like, and some of the audience raised their hands. she also started telling jokes to keep the audience attention. As the title says her presentation was about how to enhance your conversation. She said go out talk to people listen to people, and she also said the most importantly be prepared to be amazed. In this video she shares 10 useful ways for having better conversation, and they are the

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