How To Blame Victims In Everyday Life

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In our daily life we see many people that consider themselves victims and they take advantage of the situation because is easier to blame others or lie back. Many victims complain about chores, homework or work; also they are always making excuses to not do what they are supposed to be doing. In my case I had to experience with a Suendy a classmate of mine refused to help out her team. She always had an excuse to why she was not able to help us out.
All started last semester on fall 2015 in Reading class. Everything was going fine at the beginning of the semester; the instructor explained well all the lecture, work and homework. Then she started asking for individual assignments; but also she wanted us to start doing team projects for homework, first the instructor made a random list with names and
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The day of the presentation was here and Suendy asked if we printed all the material and if we were ready to present we said yes, but I did not feel comfortable with her asking all those questions because she did not have the right to do it. We get ready to present our songs and as usual she did not wanted to speak in front of the class, so we had to force her by not talking so she had to do speak.
Although Suendy was kind of irresponsible when it comes to do work outside from class and considers herself as a victim because she did not have a computer or had to work, sometimes she tried to help on the class assignments; but still she did not want to present her part of the power points and most of the time we did her job, so at the end she had good

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