Identifiable Victim Effect Essay

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Jcourse work assistant principals participate in involves the principalship and its duties, with little focus on the actual role of the assistant principal. One specific area assistant principals need professional development is in decision-making.
In his study, Lattuca (2012), found that many programs do not appropriately train individuals for the realities of the administrative role. A similar study from Christie et al. (2009) finds that administrator training should be life-long and require on site mentoring and ongoing professional development. Lattuca (2012) himself states that his preparation program was excellent with the theoretical aspect of administration, but lacked an entry into the role. This type of training would have included “task learning, socialization, and the general social reality of what assistant principals do and experience on a daily basis” (p.152). He concluded that a more complete social component to his preparation, with reality or scenario based understanding of the social aspects of the role would have made the transition more bearable. This researcher would argue that not only would
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The identifiable victim effect refers to the finding that people are far more concerned with and show more sympathy for the identifiable victim. Identifiable victims are defined as specific people, while statistical victims are unknown, unspecified people. The effect of the identifiable victim could impact the ethical decision-making of assistant principals in many ways. How often do school leaders look at data from the state regarding a high stakes test results, including subpopulations of students? However, do we ever make a list of the actual names of the students in those subpopulations? When looking at discipline data, do we consider the individual student, or do we just report 90 freshmen went to ISS this

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