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  • CD Power Supply Chain

    agile, flexible and responsive supply chains to get their product to market more rapidly at a lowest possible cost. This entail the entire exchange of information and movement of goods between suppliers and end customers, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and any other enterprises…

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  • Robotic System Case Study

    Providing adequate power to the robot, and mounting components such as a computing board, USB hub, and battery on the system requires extensive engineering and design.…

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  • The Dangers Of Physical Security

    with the potential of environmental disasters it is prudent to have backup systems so that your site can maintain continuity (Pagoria, 2004). Should the power ever go off in the building backup devices must be present in order to ensure that normal operations are restored ASAP. There are two devices that can restore power to equipment quickly: an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) and a power generator (Pagoria, 2004). Generators can be set to automatically start up in case of power outages and…

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  • Describe The Industrial Welding Process

    Welding There are 5 main types of welding process commonly used in industrial welding. They are; Gas Metal Arc Welding, oxy acetylene, Gas Tungsten arc welding, flux core, and Shielded metal arc welding. All welding procedures are important and useful for a variety of things. Welding is the process by which two or more pieces of metal are joined or metal has material added to it to fill a hole. Welding process work by heating the base metal, or the material being on, to a liquid state. They…

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  • Analysis: Power Transformer

    Unit 65 Utilisation of Electrical Energy Assignment 1b Power Transformer Analysis By Ian Greene Contents Assignment Brief: - 3 Single-Phase Transformer 4 PolyPhase Transformer 5 Star-Star (Y-Y) Connection Mode 6 Delta-Star (∆-Y) Connection Mode …

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  • Toyota Power Distance

    3.4 Power distance A large distance between power of society is similar to collective society which emphasis on social class and level (Hofstede, 1994). Everyone wants power and desires gap between people(Hofstede, 1994). In this society, people who has low power also want to make friend with high power people that hope to increase their power. There is common phenomenon between different people which was recognized by people who is in large power distance society(Hofstede, 1994). In this…

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  • SRAM Cells

    The RF has a high power density and in order to maintain the performance, it is important to keep a check on the temperature of the chip. As and when the temperature of the RF increases it gives rise to a number of faults. The temperature increased also degrades the life of the transistor. This calls for a cooling process that is expensive. Because of the exponential relationship, as the junction temperature is increased, the leakage power…

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  • The Major Themes Of The Horror Of War By Anne Frank

    teenage girl who writes the diary, experiences the pain of war first-hand. In order to try and escape the Nazi extermination of Jewish people, her family and the Van Daans go into hiding in Amsterdam, Holland. In spite of their efforts to save themselves, all of the Franks and Van Daans are captured and sent to a concentration camp. Only Otto Frank survives the ordeal. The pain of adolescence is a second important theme of the novel. Maturing into adulthood is never easy for a young…

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  • Interleaved Buck Converter Case Study

    in application. where no isolation and high output current with low ripple. An No isolation DC/DC converter Fig.1.1 shows the step-down DC/DC converter. When switch M is on for the duration of dTs, power is transferred from source to load and filter inductor L is charged. When switch M is off for a duration (1-d)Ts, the diode D becomes forward-biased and forms a conduction path for the filter inductor current. The voltage across the filter inductor is the reverse of the output voltage. By using…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 4 Lab Report

    b. When measuring the resistance value with the Avo 8, possible reasons for varience include a parallax error (not looking at the reading from directly above the meter), a reading error due to less divisions when measuring resistance, or the device not being properly zeroed. When measuring current, there are also fewer division, parallax is still a potential issue, and finally, incorrect zeroing of the meter. Voltage has an additional error, the loading of the meter itself. Alongside this issue,…

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