Case Study Of CD Power

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1.0 Introduction
Nowadays, most of the organisations experiencing a revolution in terms of instigating new operations strategies and technologies in response to the current market challenges and demands. Today businesses have to overcome the challenges of satisfying the demand of customers for low price products with still high quality. Furthermore, firms need to be alert to customers’ unique and rapidly changing needs.
Companies are trying to develop agile, flexible and responsive supply chains to get their product to market more rapidly at a lowest possible cost. This entail the entire exchange of information and movement of goods between suppliers and end customers, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and any other enterprises
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Company reputation may been built on a proven capability to custom-engineer, manufacture, commission and service machinery for specialist applications, however today CD Power is also one of Australia’s leading power product distributors and service centres.
CD Power’s in-house team of designers and engineers are experienced in developing tailored power generation solutions for a wide range of industries and environments. Where the highest levels of reliability and optimum performance in remote or unique environments are required, CD Power design team deliver. CD Power’s smart design solutions include for easy maintenance and convenient service access (CD Power Pty Ltd 2016).
CD Power is specialists in providing all your off-grid and mains-fail backup power requirements. CD Power suite of generators, engines, pumps and compressors are complimented by the latest solar and power storage technology. Company distribute and support world leading brands including Kubota, Cummins, Deutz, Hatz, Atlas Copco, Subaru, GM and PSI (CD Power Pty Ltd
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The source of competitive advantage is found firstly in the ability of the organisation to differentiate itself, in the eyes of the customer, from its competition, and secondly by operating at a lower cost and hence at greater profit (Christopher 2011, p.4).
CD Power supply chain competitive strategy has been built around Supply chain reliability, flexibility/responsiveness, costs and assets utilisation, consolidated supplier base and reduced number of distribution centres, co-located manufacturing and distribution operations, strategic sourcing, and customer-focused lifecycle approach facing supply chain functions.
However company supply chain management like few other conventional businesses tend to be forecast driven to build inventory in compare to other major player in the market that much more information driven. CD power should capture information on demand as it happens, almost in real time and converting it into action

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