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  • Reflective Essay: The Bench Press While Entering Public School

    bar in my hands. With a deep breath, I un-racked the bar and claimed the strongest bench press in the history of the school. As one can see, I did not simply wake up benching 365 pounds. In conjunction with a period of conditioning serving as a framework, progression in the weight room is directly relational to the amount of concentration dedicated to individual elements of a particular lift. In terms of the bench press, the degree of concentration on details such as arm control, grip width, foot placement, and breathing technique determines the output of precision in each of those details. Furthermore, greater accuracy in the building blocks of a lift establishes a platform for an overall quality performance. This basic formula for powerlifting progression is essential to my understanding of psychological and intellectual growth in and outside of the weight room. The inevitable presence of stability in my life prompted me toward intellectual progression. From the atmosphere of my upbringing, to my pastime as a powerlifter, to my intellectual vitality as a critical-thinker, stability is essential to the many accolades that comprise my reputation. Moreover, stability exists as the foundation of my outlook on the world. Being the third of eight children, most of the things I do have already been done before at least once in my family. I am often tasked with the expectation to succeed solely because of this precedent, without regard to my natural potential to do so.…

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  • Reflection On Powerlifting

    What My Chief Said That Made Me Reflect Lifting Javin Samiliano University of Maryland College What My Chief Said That Made Me Reflect On My Powerlifting Career There’s a moment in every person’s life that you can contribute your success to whether positive or negative. I experienced a turning point in my life while I was a young sailor in the United States Navy. As an Armed Forces member you are expected to hold yourself to the highest fitness standards. It was just another day in the gym…

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  • Case Study: YD Strength Training Center

    Overview YD strength training center is a commercial facility founded by Dr.Zheng YuanDian, PT, DPT, PhD, MPH, MBA, SCS, CCS, CSCS*D, RCEP, FATPA, FNSCA, FACSM where we welcome people from all levels who wants to improve their strength by doing weightlifting, powerlifting or any other kinds of resistance training. This is a training-camp like facility rather than a traditional fitness room; this means we do not have any cardio machine or weight machine. When more and more traditional fitness…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Strength Training Program

    Everybody these days wants to get fit, but most don’t know the right way to go about doing it. Sure everyone gets they have to eat right and work out, but that’s just the very beginning. Let’s not even talk about all the scams out all the scams out there with their magic weight loss wraps and shakes. Strength training is a great way to gain muscle, strength, and loose fat. When it comes to fitness you have to remember, you only get out what you put in. Mediocre effort results and mediocre…

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  • Importance Of Weight Lifting

    The new big thing these days is how to stay fit and how to get that “summer body” you’ve always wanted. Well here’s the thing, it’s not all cardio and yoga that you are looking at, the biggest thing is lifting weights. Women tend to stay away from the squat racks, and dumbbells for some reason, most saying it is because the males take up majority of that space and it just has us females drawn away from the idea. Here ill prove too you that it is worth it to maybe not heavy lift but at least do…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Freshman Year At College

    I fell in love when I was 18. Specifically, it was the first week of my freshman year at college. This was not a typical romance, but like any other, it had its fair shares of struggles, frustrations, doubts, and required a wholehearted commitment which continues to this day. On the first week of my first year at college, I stepped foot into the university gym for the first time. I was immediately enthralled with what I saw. All the people in the room were committed to improving and pushing…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Creatine

    Creatine Why do people workout? People usually workout because they are in a sport. In sports strength and endurance are vital. Working out helps an athlete to become better at sports. This is why many sports teams have early morning workouts and late night practices. This is usually widely practiced among teams through high school sports all the way to professional sports, it’s one of the best ways to become better. What other kinds of people workout?Normal people also workout to gain the…

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  • Snatch Weightlifting Movement Analysis

    Set the bar to the mid thigh level on the Smith Machine. Load the bar appropriately and hold it with pronated hands. Use wrist wraps for heavy lifts. Lift the bar with straight back and extended arms. Now move to the standing position with a narrow posture. Now lower the bar with straight knees, but only bend at the waist with a stiff back. Stop only when you stretch your hamstrings. Reverse the motion to again stand straight. Snatch Deadlift It is the first part of snatch weightlifting. Select…

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  • Bodybuilder Vs Powerlifting

    When we work out in the gym, we do so with different goals and targets in mind. Some of us want to burn fat, some of us want to get fitter and healthier, whilst others want to bulk up and build muscle. Nowadays, however, more and more people are training for functional purposes rather than simply for aesthetic purposes. In basic terms, this means that people are working out so that their bodies can become more functional in day to day life, rather than so they can simply look good. Strength…

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  • Powerlifters Stereotypes

    lift because it’s so therapeutic to them and use it as a remedy. What this means is that, maybe that person uses powerlifting as a stress reliever because that person is going through something rough in their life so they use powerlifting as a get away for reality. Being an active power lifter for a couple of years made me realize that there’s more to powerlifting than the actual sport. The gym environment is a whole different place than just the usual, “going for a walk.” The gym is a place…

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