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  • Powerball Jackpot Essay

    Sometimes, the odds are in your favor. Fans of The Hunger Games may disagree, but after three people win the Powerball jackpot, I find this point hard to argue. For my essay, I decided to track the odds of winning the most recent Powerball jackpot to determine if winning is actually luck. To follow the story, I kept up with five different sources-EBSCOhost, CNN, New York Times, Dayton Daily News, and Fox News. After tracking the story, I discovered New York Times was the best source. Therefore, anyone interested in the news should read a national newspaper, like the New York Times. For four days, I closely followed five different news sources all on the same story, the Powerball jackpot. I checked on each news article daily for any updates…

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  • Powerball Research Paper

    gets really high as it increases after every drawing. If no one wins the jackpot for that day's draw, then the amount will increase. Once someone hits the jackpot, the next amount will decrease to a default number and then increase from there. This rule also applies for every lottery game. The Powerball is available to play in many different states and only a few of them don't allow it. Currently, the Powerball gives you the option to choose 5 numbers from 1-59. The red Powerball number will…

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  • Powerball Lottery Research Paper

    What to Do if You Win the Powerball Lottery If you are living in one of the 44 states that have the Powerball Lottery (or Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands), there is a good chance that you have bought at least one Powerball ticket. You may have also been buying them for friends and family that are not living in one of those states. Why all the interest in Powerball right now? Well, for the benefit of those few people who may have been living in a cave, the lottery is…

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  • Gambling Persuasive Speech

    Gambling In today’s society, gambling is all around us. It feels like there is a casino is almost every town. When there is not a casino to be found, there are convenience stores located in every town. Those are the stores with the scratch off 1-10$ dollar tickets and even have the Powerball tickets. Even when you are in your own house, gambling can find you. Log onto a computer or phone and gambling is right at your fingertips. In 1931 the first casino opened. Since then, there are over…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: 59-Year-Old Will Freedom

    debilitating his rival entertainment company in Brooklyn, PowerBall Industries. But now, Ryan regretted what he had done wrong to himself as well as to every other person that he had known in his whole life And now, he will be gone with an errant conscience still in his mind. There was a sudden creak as the door to the hospital room opened, and a man who looked to be about thirty stepped in. He was wearing a dark leather jacket that nearly concealed the black Adidas shirt underneath, and his…

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  • Pseudoscience Vs Knowledge

    Pigliucci). Such topics are not supported by science and for the scientific community are not considered reliable. To illustrate this argument we can use the example of astrology, how many of us believe that our future relies on the stars and horoscope? Many, according to a research made by Dr. Ayten, a Turkish scientist in theology and social behavior, there are more than 3 million astrology websites visited by 120 million people per year (Kose, Ayten, 2009). The statistic sounds alarming and…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Privatizing Lotteries

    William White Professor Eckstein Public Financial Management August 10, 2015 Privatizing Lotteries - The Advantages and Disadvantages There are many advantages and disadvantages to Privatizing Lotteries. States such as Illinois, Indiana and New Jersey have all privatized their state lotteries. The funds that come from lotteries go towards no particular purpose. For example, the 21 states that participate in Powerball along with the District of Columbia will garner at least $114 million from…

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  • The More Factor, Frontier, Opportunity, More, By Laurence Shames

    When some Powerball ticket jackpots are over half a billion dollars, people do not use their intuitive logic and realize that their odds of winning are minuscule. Similarly, the fantasy sports leagues can turn an average football fan into a millionaire simply by “drafting” athletes. My cousin recently paid a nine dollar entry fee into one of these one-day fantasy football leagues, and by the end of the day he had won sixty-six thousand dollars. Along with this, he was entered into a different…

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  • Benefits Of Lotto Strategies

    strategies to employ include: 1. Sticking With Your Numbers: While it is okay for you to apply Florida lotto strategies, the most important thing is that you stick with your numbers. You may use Quick Picks or opt to handpick the numbers you play yourself. At the end of it all, continue playing the same set of numbers in each game you play until it wins. 2. Buy Multiple Tickets: Fantasy 5 lotto strategies are intended to help you win lottery games but not necessarily make you mega rich.…

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  • Thomas Nagel's Theory Of Moral Luck

    determines the win or loss. Circumstantial luck is pretty simple to understand as the word “circumstantial” gives it away. This type of luck “is luck about what kinds of situations or circumstances are presented to us” (Louise.) The type of lottery ticket chosen is an example of circumstantial luck. Constitutive luck is a bit more in depth as it is concerned with the nature of who you are as a human being. Suppose you feel a passion for buying lottery tickets – this would be your constitutive…

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