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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Game I Never Will Forget

    I was so intrigued by them kicking it between the “big yellow things” as I called them when I was a kid but I later learned they were called Goal posts. And so i asked my dad “Dad.. how do you play this game?” and he said “If you have time I will tell you.” So after a while of talking to him the urge to play this game got bigger and bigger! So I explained to my dad why I liked this game and he said they were starting a youth football league and I freaked out at the time I was in 4th grade and…

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  • Short Story Of Tommy's Life

    frightened, looked at the door. His heart was pounding. Tommy was sure he had seen the doorknob turn. Frozen, Tommy watched the door open revealing his grandpa. Gus-Gus and Annie didn 't run away they continued to try and play with Tommy and their swords, but Tommy was too afraid to play anymore. Once Gus-Gus and Annie recognized who grandpa was, they rushed over and started hugging him. "We 're so glad you 're back!" they said together. Grandpa bent down and gently hugged the little mice, but…

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  • Descriptive Essay: A Note On AAU State Volleyball

    teenage girls screaming and cheering. It was the best experience I have ever had. If I had the choice to go back to those few days, I would in a heartbeat. In order for us to go to state, we had to play in a tournament. We played every team that was there. When we got to the very last game, we had to play Western Christian. The game was going great, until Western got on a roll. We ended up losing. When we started to walk out of the gym, the Western coach came up to us and said that they were…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Toys In A Child's Life

    staying inside just to play and sit around day and night. The specific electronic games that can cause a big problem in a child’s mind PlayStation, Wii, DS, tablets, etc… Kids that are involved…

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  • The Game Of Life In The Catcher In The Rye

    conforms to the game and becomes a phony or does not play the game and suffers unfairly. Holden hates phonies, even though he himself is a phony. Stradlater, Holden 's roommate at Pencey Prep, is an example of a phony who participates in the game. Holden abhors Stradlater and thinks it is unfair how because he can play the game he gets unlimited rewards. Similar to Holden,…

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  • Communication In John Miller's Tender Offer, A Drama Play

    Tender Offer is a drama play about a relationship between a father, Paul and his daughter, Lisa. The dialogue tackles a dangerous phenomenon in most families in the US, which is communication. At the very beginning of the dialogue between the two, Paul is trying to be friendly with Lisa and joke around in an attempt to make up for recital that he missed days ago. He also seems very absorbed in his business and work, thus never gives enough time to his daughter. This play allows the characters…

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  • Argumentative Essay About E Sports

    sports is how my heart raced as I struggled to overcome obstacles day after day in the pursuit of perfecting myself as an athlete and striving toward achieving victory. E-sports have given me that exact same sensation. As of right now, I currently play in what is known as the High School Star League, an organization whose mission is, as their website claims: “providing high schoolers with a fun, competitive, and rewarding e-sports experience, similar to traditional high school sports” (HSL).…

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  • Malcolm X's Article 'Literacy Behind Bar' Written By Malcom X

    The article “Literacy behind bars” written by Malcolm X gives a brief history of the self taught education he received in prison. In the article he informs us on how his education before being sentenced to prison did not exceed the past the eighth grade. Malcolm X would spend every waking moment of his day lost in any books that he could get his hands on absorbing each and every word that he learned. He even spent some of his days going through dictionaries copying and memorizing each and every…

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  • What Are Gender Stereotypes In Video Games

    depending on their gender. These characters all have something in common is they fall under stereotypes the some many associate with males. These aren’t male stereotypes, they are stereotypes need to be a good game character. You wouldn’t want to play as a character that wouldn’t let you kill the bad guy or that was to afraid to move. Stereotypes are widely held and oversimplified so they have no room in video games because they don’t matter. They’re aren 't many ways that they are different…

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  • Athlete Definition Essay

    inconvenience of Stephen Curry, who grabbed three fouls in the first half of the game. Knowing truths like this and completely seeing how they have influenced the team’s history demonstrates how much the game intends to the athlete. They harp on these plays, controls and missed calls by the referees can have an athlete thinking about that all their life. This learning is the last bit of insane that separates an athlete from different players. Individuals may claim to be a genuine athlete, yet…

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