The Benefits Of Playing Soccer

Soccer is one of the most popular games in the world because of which many people are indulging themselves into playing this sport. It is one of the games that requires both upper body strength and lower body strength in equal amounts. Also, it requires an extensive variety of wellness to play at an elite level. This is what makes it harder to train for. You require not just leg strength and speed, but also cardiovascular fitness, center quality, rate, heading ability and dexterity. All of this in one player who can play a full an hour and a half or more, at as close to peak level as possible. How would you accomplish every one of these segments in one body? It’s easy, hard work and dedication can get you anywhere. I love playing soccer …show more content…
You have to begin your soccer workout by doing light runs to warm the muscles up trailed by dynamic stretching to loosen your muscles so that it does not restrict your movements. Stretching is particularly essential as it reduces the chances of muscle tear or any other muscle related injuries. It is the area of sports which is highly overlooked by people and, as a result, get injured. It should comprise around half an hour of your total training time. The next step is endurance. It is also called as stamina. It is the most important attribute anyone who aspires to be a soccer player should have. It is important as it’s not easy to last a game for ninety minutes or sometimes even more. A player in an average covers ten kilometers running and jogging, which is highly difficult if you don't train for endurance. Endurance sessions can be split into two broad groups: Interval training - It involves higher intensity running for a shorter period of time separated by rest periods. Continuous training - It involves running with moderate intensity for a longer period of time, without rest periods.
This kind of training depends from individual to individual and is the best way to increase
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It includes running in aerobic phase, which is the phase where oxygen is used as our energy source. In soccer, this phase is to be increased so that the probability of getting cramps is avoided. Speed training includes running on an incline such as a hill, performing heavy sled drag or applying weights to your leg while running. You can also improve your speed with good arm swing action and stride length. Recovery is the last part of the training. It is something which ignored by most people, but is highly important. When you push yourself hundred percent you need to take a day off or at least do an active recovery day. During training, all you do is use the muscles extensively and break it down. The muscles and tissues require some rest and time to recover and heal, which you give via sleeping or recovering which is where the rebuilding process occurs. Therefore, you need to avoid intense training a day before the match and give time to your body to attain maximum fitness. This is the way to train for soccer and after few weeks of following this routine in a sequential manner given, you can feel the change in your body and improvement in your game. It will eventually bring the best out of you and help you succeed. Following these seven steps will improve your game drastically in the shortest span of

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