Persuasive Essay On Sports

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Athletic Sports
Studies have shown that people who play sports have better grades. People who play sports get better or the same grades as people who don't (how much is too much). People who play sports will try harder on school work and get better grades. As you know you need good grades to participate in school activities. This will make kids want to have good grades so they can play in their favorite sports. Studies also show that when sports ends Grades seems to drop so more opportunities would help keep students grades up and keep having fun. But sports also can help with students social skills. Kids who play or once played sports have increased social skills and confidence. According to the University of Alberta, kids who play sports make a lot more friends and they even gain confidence
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You can get into college cheaper because if you're good enough at the sport you could get a scholarship from a college that will help you pay for the college you’re going to. Kids who play sports can get a scholarship and they try to earn the scholarship(Do Athletes Face Unnecessary Parent Pressure). If they try to get a scholarship then they could go to college for a cheaper price so it doesn’t cost you thousands of dollars. This means when the athletes are playing the sport that they play, they could play better because they try to push themselves to earn that scholarship to a good college at the sport that you play. For the next paragraphs we will talk about possible arguments against our position. So some might say that sports can be dangerous in the way that kids can get severe concussions and ruin the rest of their lives. Well the technology that we have today gives us the capabilities of creating safer equipment that prevents concussions. If we get more sports, we can get the money to obtain the more expensive, safer equipment. We need more sports included to get these things and it would be very beneficial to the

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