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  • Personal Narrative: The First Time In My Athletic Career

    I ran into the first time in my athletic career that raw talent and superior experience did not allow me to squeeze by as a Sophomore. In middle school and elementary school sports, all participants exert roughly the same amount of effort, so skill is generally directly correlated to the amount of time you've been playing. In high school, I made the Varsity lacrosse team on raw talent, but I never walked onto the field during meaningful situations. Naturally, I desired playing time. On the team…

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  • My Goals In Life To Join The United States Marine Corps

    My goal in life is to join the United States Marine Corps. The marines offer many benefits like free college, guaranteed annual raise, and free medical, dental, and life insurance. Joining the marines would develope good life skills and habits like discipline and survival skills. By joining the marines I would be protecting and serving my country from foreign evil powers such as terrorist groups or other countries making conflicts like North Korea. By joining the marines I would be bettering…

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  • A Dollar Play Analysis

    A Dollar, as the title suggests, is a play concerning a dollar bill. Seven people come up with ways on how to use the bill. In the final turn of events, the group uses the dollar…just not the way they pictured it. Like Clybourne Park, A Dollar shared similar traits to a play: it had a group of actors, audience members, sets, props, a stage, etc. However, there were vast differences. For starters, it was a downstage production, meaning the location was not on the main stage. The area was a…

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  • College Admissions Essay: Why I Love Acting

    a career. And I will approach all the challenges of college as an actor does by being as dedicated to my studies as I am to my shows and displaying my passion for theatre and education. The dictionary defines “acting” as "the art of performing in plays and like productions while taking on the persona of another…

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  • College Admissions Essay: Personal Accomplishments In Life

    I believe that your accomplishments in life, defines who you are as a person. In my twenty-six years I did not think I would achieve so much. I have had various jobs and lived in many places, I know I have further to go to complete my goals in life. In high school I ran track in which I got accepted to the district tournament competing against ten other schools. It gave me motivation to have a fit lifestyle. I am still physically active; I participate in basketball tournaments and keep a strict…

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  • Risky Play On Children's Overall Development

    Risky Play- what does it mean? Some think Risky play is about fire and climbing trees and whilst these activities certainly involve risk that is not what risky play is solely about. Everyday we all take risks and most days we all play- it may be subconscious but we will! Risk looks different to us all no matter what our age. What one child perceives as a risk another may have already overcome that risk. The term risky play is frequently used though is not fully understood. If it is not fully…

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  • Last Man Out Character Analysis

    Blake Fowkes 11/15/16 3rd Period Last Man Out The characters in this book were all very unique. One character that I can identify, or relate, myself to would be the main character, Tommy Gallagher. We are alike in many ways. One way I can relate myself to him would be his passion and love for football. In the book, Tommy has a very big passion for football, and…

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  • The Four Horsemen Analysis

    To play a sport teamwork, dedication, and a fighting attitude is important. In Grantland Rice’s article, “The Four Horsemen”, he talks about football and how Notre Dame had such an amazing team with the “Four Horsemen”. Made up of “Stuhldreher, Miller, Crowley and Layden” the team had an unstoppable force. With every spot =, especially in college, there are reporters such as Rice who will make up nicknames and make every story and play about a game come alive into something amazing. I love when…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Why Sports Are Good For Children

    children, and it keeps them out of trouble. Children can build their confidence by playing sports. [Children should play sports because it gives them a job opportunity in the future, improves their social skills, and keeps them fit in a fun way.] Sports have offered many job opportunities for teens. In fact, you can get a scholarship for college by playing a sport, or you can just play in college too. According to, Alex Morgan, a player on the United States Women's National…

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  • Hearts Of Palm Analysis

    On the 24th of July, I had the privilege to stay in Oakland touring the college of UC Berkeley with some family and had the opportunity to view the play Hearts of Palm written by Patricia Milton, directed by Gary Graves, at the Central Works Theatre. The main plot of this play is the use of palm oil found in many goods one would not discover or think of. It deals with the impediment on a small Asian community with the intention of expanding a palm oil production plantation with the intent on…

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